So… as you know, we live in Colorado, and still have yet to have a good snow. At least, that is the case in our town. However, according to my son Drew (5 y.o.) we are most definitely going to get some snow tomorrow. I asked him how he knew this. He said, “Because it says so on the calendar at school. Mrs. Kindergartenteacher put a ‘snow’ sign on the calendar for Saturday, so I know for sure it’s going to snow,” all in a very matter-of-fact voice. Dear reader, what do I tell him tomorrow when it doesn’t snow? And what do I tell him if it does?


2 thoughts on “Snow?

  1. That Ms Kindergarten teacher gets her information from the most reliable sources – in this case- the weather man, and sometimes the weatherman is off or off by a day because he doesn’t make the weather – he just uses scientific evidence to prognosticate! Be sure you use the big word! Big words are wonderful to 5 year olds….

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