I have something to confess: (although I suspect I’m not the only one) I sometimes lose it with my kids. Meaning I scream at the top of my lungs to get their attention and let them know I’m none too pleased with whatever it is they are doing or just did. This usually occurs when I’m stressed due to hormonal or emotional issues, or I’m depressed. Yes, unfortunately, when I’m depressed it tends to surface as anger. I hate it. It’s a vicious circle too. When I’m on edge, it puts my kids on edge as well, who in turn act out, which puts me even more on edge…and the cycle continues.

Today was no exception. I been having a touch of depression which I believe has been triggered by hormonal malfunctions (because seriously… my body is not working right at this time!) Add to that all the stress of what’s been going on in my life lately, and you’ve got me: on edge.
Well, today it’s a beautiful fall day and the temperature is up and the boys wanted to go play outside, so I said sure, thinking this will get them out of my hair for a bit and get them some fresh air and vitamin D… you know. Well… unbeknownst to me, there were two cans of almost completely used paint sitting out by the freshly painted skate ramp… without lids. (I don’t know why my husband didn’t dispose with them, he’s usually very good at things like that!) So I’m sitting there eating my lunch, dinking around on my computer, a.k.a. not paying close enough attention. The boys had left the sliding door open about 6 inches. Selah fit through just fine. I realize that she is not in the house and dash outside to discover all three of them hovering over the paint cans. Selah and Beau both have paint on their fingertips and on various parts of their clothes. I pick Selah up, as I’m yelling at the boys for even thinking that it was okay to play with all this stuff and discover that she also has paint in her hair. I’m pretty certain Beau has put it there. By this time I’m rushing to the bathroom and turning on the water while yelling at Beau to get in there and also for putting the paint in Selah’s hair. It’s a mess. The rest of this day has not been a whole lot better. We’ve had decapitated angels figurines that I made (thank you again, Beau.) Drew arguing with me every time I tell him to do something, and when he quits “arguing” he pulls guilt trips. Yeah, fun. Selah has been getting into my potted plants as well. So yeah, I’m thinking it’s not such a great day to head to the store with these three hoodlums. Sigh…

Glad to have that off my chest.


7 thoughts on “Oy

  1. Hopefully you’ll look back at this and laugh, because… seriously. The paint in the hair…that is funny. And even tho all of mine are grown and for the most part, gone. I feel your pain. But, Laugh at this. You’re children are healthy and happy. And a little paint…didn’t hurt anybody. 🙂

    But, ya. Stay away from the store.

  2. Oh Sarah … I’m totally there with ya. Hope the days keeps getting better. I’d advice though to stay away from the grocery store!

    BIG hugs!

  3. Boy am I glad that I’m not the only one! And mine is all around hormonal things too. Keep your head up cuz’ at least it’s not an everyday thing. I’m researching some ideas to help and I’ll let you know what I find.

  4. Yeah, we all have those days. I will confess that I was laughing as I read your post… not because it was so funny (although it was), but because we all have these days, you are just brave enough to confess!! So here I am, confessing too… this is the very thing I have been praying about. That God would close my mouth and that my words would be kind instead of impatient and irritable. Yes, I prayed this specifically at 2:45pm. First impatient and irritable words came at about 3:05pm. We’re going to keep praying. =)

  5. Oh, you wise woman…definitely a good decision to stay away from the store!!!!
    PS – the reason you leave nearly empty paint cans open is to dry out the paint before disposal – more ecologically friendly…however; I have no idea why the man in question did this in a child friendly back yard……dum da dum dum

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