How Am I Doing?

I am doing okay. I’m not great, but I’m not horrible either. Life has been super busy and crazy and unsure as of late. Last week was kind of difficult, but it had some good aspects as well. My grandmother had surgery on Election day to have her gallbladder taken out, which is not really such a huge deal, but it was certainly made into one. Later in the week she ended up back in the hospital due to dehydration (a complication from anesthesia, but mostly her refusal to drink enough water.) My mother was down here for the whole week to take care of her. Let me tell you, dealing with the aspects of my mom and my grandmother’s relationship can be anxiety producing. (My mom already knows this… hi mom!) My mediator self wants to step in and make them both understand each other better, but that is not for me to do, so I have to try my best to understand my mom and make sure she and I don’t end up the same way 20 years from now.
Friday night, I threw a little baby shower for my sis, (Due Christmas Eve) and that went off very well, and was actually enjoyable. If you know me at all, you know I’m not a fan of baby showers, or large gatherings consisting mostly of women. We all had a good time and I left feeling rejuvenated and light hearted. Saturday, my grandma was having issues with dehydration again. Fortunately, my sister who is a nurse, gave her a call and told her what to do to take care of herself and this time she listened! Another hospital trip averted, yay!
This week I am buried under a pile of housework that keeps growing larger, and the desire to do other things with my time, like fun crafty projects, and art pieces, and reading good books. I am suffering from housewife guilt. Oh well, and sigh.
How are you doing?


7 thoughts on “How Am I Doing?

  1. Ugh, housewife guilt. Hate that. You can only really ignore it for so long (which is why I have a massive amount of dishes to do today, and I really ought to dust. And fold laundry. *SIGH*).

    Glad you’re doing okay! Sometimes “okay” is all you can ask for, but it’ll get better. And thanks for your nice comments on my blog! 🙂

  2. I feel like you… Okay. Totally blessed, provided for, taken care of. But, still okay. Mostly because I am new at having 4, I am not doing it as well as I tell myself I should be, I think I might have the flu, and we didn’t get much schoolwork done today. So I have homeschool-mommy guilt. But today we made a better choice-we chose people over schoolwork. Anyhow… all that to say, I am so glad I met you (or your blog). I love your honesty, I love that I can come here and see how you’re doing. I love feeling like I have a friend out there. Hope tomorrow is better than okay for you. And I am praying for hubby and his work stuff.

  3. oh you girls… make yourself a nice cup of tea and then eat some dark chocolate if that doesn’t work then go buy new shoes. OOPS! Sorry everyone.. I mistakenly thought I was posting on a do-it-yourself Q & A blog… please disregard my comment. 😀

  4. sarah, I have tryed not to be my Mother so I hope that helps. but yeah, I dont want to drive you nuts when I get to be a L.O.L. Our blueprints are a little different thanks be to God alone, Jesus has made the difference in our lives. Thank Him. xoxox Mom

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