A Fun Filled (Last) Weekend

We had a great Halloween! We ditched all of our other commitments and just took the kids trick-or-treating around our nice little neighborhood. That turned out to be a nice relaxing and fun walk, which was just what we (well, I) needed. That is what we will be doing from this year on. (Famous last words.)

Max (from Where the Wild Things Are)
Drew was supposed to be a story book character for his school Halloween party, so I tried to be as resourceful as possible in the little time I had to plan, and made him a Max costume (from Where the Wild Things Are.) Uh… my costume-making abilities need some serious help, but oh well. The kids at school kept telling him he was a bunny. Kids are so mean these days! 😉

Optimus and Spiderman Show their Moves
Drew had originally planned to be Spiderman, and I should’ve just let him go as that- it would have saved me a lot of trouble. But I have this obsession with following the “rules.” I need to get over it. Beau is Optimus Prime, and here they are striking a pose in the front yard.

Fly Away Fairy
I caved and bought Selah a Fairy outfit, thinking she’ll probably have fun with this for ages to come. Well, maybe not ages, but a couple of years at least. She had a lot of fun running free around the front yard, her wings fluttering behind her. She was called an angel and a butterfly a few times throughout the night. Both work. 😉

Saturday we decided to have a dance party in celebration of my mom getting a good MRI report. We went out to eat, and then headed back to our house, where my hubby’s band, Hail the Sound, played a show for us. Then we turned on some good dance tunes (thank you, Pandora) and had a good ol’ time. We decided we need to have dance parties more often at our house.

Hail the Sound

Kev on Guitar
I think Kev is pretty hot when he’s performing. (He’s hot all the time, but especially when he’s performing! *wink*)

Sunday we had a Fall photo shoot in Kev’s grandparent’s beautiful yard. They have a ton of leaves, so they lent themselves well to our purposes.

Selah Eating a Leaf
Selah exploring her surroundings.

Our Lil' Family
My favorite of our family shots.

In Action
What was happening most of the time during the photo shoot.

As always… if you wish to see more of our weekend, click on one of the photos and it’ll take you right over to my Flickr page where more photos await you.


9 thoughts on “A Fun Filled (Last) Weekend

  1. I love that family shot, it is awesome!! How sweet, Selah is getting so big and her hair is so blonde. Glad you guys had a quieter Halloween…

  2. Love the costumes and the family pics! The dance party sounds like tons of fun, too.

    I think my sweetie’s pretty hot when he’s doing what he loves, too: being knowlegable about electronic stuff! I love it when he’s on the phone being “tech support” to his family or friends, pacing back and forth walking them through the steps to fix whatever it is that’s not working, or when I visit him at work and listen to him sell a TV or a camera. Confidence is sexy!

  3. You did really well with Drew’s costume, because before I had even read the explanation underneath the photo, I said to myself, “That looks like the kid from ‘Where the Wild Things Are.'” You nailed it.

    Cute kids!

  4. You guys are all so creative – you have the right equipment (the right skill and the right talent) and you know how to use it. The dance party was a blast…and yes, Heather Layne, confidence is sexy.

  5. thank you for hosting the dance party and to hail the sound for gigging out just for us, that was fun. i think it would be fun to have dance parties on a semi regular basis – everyone could bring their own c.d. of music they like to dance to- if possible,of course you would be the host house,if you want,(we could do it at grandmas) but, if you come u have to dance, only prerequisite (sp?)haha. that would be fun I think. the kids would love it.its just so wonderful to feel like I can dance without falling over, something to celebrate !!!!!

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