Menu for November

Here I am again, on a Wednesday… talking about my menu. Last time I did a menu, I had ten meals planned, and the food ended up lasting us for about 3 weeks, with a few small trips to the grocery store to pick up fresh items, and a few extras. Seeing that we are needing to keep a tighter than usual budget, I’m going to try this again and see if I can stretch it out for the whole month of November. Here they are with links to the recipes I can find…

-veggie spaghetti with salad and garlic bread (a staple)
-ground elk tacos, made just like your regular beef tacos, except with ground elk meat, which I picked up at our local health food store.
Thai Peanut Chicken Tortilla Wraps
chicken fajitas
-general tso’s chicken, this recipe is not yet up on the Everyday Food site, but I will link to it, once it is. Very easy and good to make.
beef and scallion stir fry
-chicken pot pie, I’m just going to use two frozen pie crust, frozen peas,carrots and corn and some MSG free cream of chicken soup and see how it goes.
chicken with asparagus and mushrooms
pesto pizza

… and the really impressive thing about this is that I recalled my whole list from memory, after having thrown the written list away…


6 thoughts on “Menu for November

  1. Ask Andrea (or have Cherry ask her) if she’d like to be involved. Although I think it will be a little more difficult to coordinate five schedules close to Christmas than it would be some random day in November, ya know? I suppose if we plan far enough ahead, we could work it out, though. Just let me know!

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