My Hair is Falling Out

Sorry it has taken me so long to write, I know many of you are wondering what the deal is, but I had quite a crazy week last week. I experienced quite a bit of stress to both extremes, meaning good and bad.
Monday started out with my neighbor offering us tickets to go see the Sarah Palin rally. Then throughout the course of the day, trying to find babysitters and what not, my husband called to let me know he had basically been laid off. Yes, you read that right. Add to that, me worrying about Beau possibly having bedbugs. Then we went to the Palin rally and stood up for two and half hours. I was wearing boots with four inch heels. Ouch. By ten that night after eating, I finally exhaled. And quickly acquired a headache. I went to sleep (early) with the headache, thinking I would just sleep it off, right? WRONG. When I woke up it was worse, accompanied with nausea, light, smell, and sound sensitivity. I thought I was going to crawl out of my skin when my husband turned on the faucet. Yikes. Oh, AND I had Drew’s parent teacher conferences that day. My hubby came to the rescue, gallant man that he is, and took care of me, Drew’s conference and Selah and Beau. Then my mom came down to pick up the ropes and take care of all of us the rest of the day. THANK YOU, MOM! Tuesday I also found out that my mom’s annual MRI came back with NO new lesions, meaning that her MS had not progressed at all. Also the pituitary tumor they had found last year was actually smaller in size, so praise God for the good stress there! Wednesday, Kevin had a side job to do up-valley so we headed up with mom, and went a pumpkin-patching. Brrrrrr! We spent the night with my folks that night, and headed back to GJ early in the morn. The rest of the week and weekend was nice and slow. I stayed home with the kids most of Saturday, so Kev could play a concert, and we made some really yummy fall cookies. Skip to Monday, today, and you’ve got me trying to put away a truckload of groceries and simultaneously feed the kids and myself lunch. I had made myself a bid salad and a bowl of clam chowder. I had just gone to grab myself a glass of water, when I hear the sound of spilling liquid and Selah starting to really scream in pain and surprise. She had reached up to the table and pulled my soup down right on top of her. Freaking out, I ripped her clothes off of her as fast as I could and put her in the bath with cold running water. I can see now that mostly just her arm is burnt, and bright red. She is still crying and fighting me, so I give up, wrap her in a towel and make a doc appointment. They take care of her there, and inform me that Selah has a second degree burn. Her skin was starting to peel and blister. She will be just fine, thank God!

So that was my crazy stress-filled week. As for my husband losing his job, we will be okay. Kev always has several irons in the fire, and will still be working for his former employer; just as an independent contractor. It’s a little unsettling not having the feeling of security that a salaried position holds, and I’m not looking forward to finding affordable health insurance. However, we have been contemplating going self-employed for quite some time, we just weren’t quite prepared for it to happen so soon. We are kind of excited at the possibilities we have ahead of us though. Who knows? Maybe we’ll go rogue- taking jobs anywhere and everywhere, traveling around the country in an RV while home-schooling our kids. It just might work.

As for Beau, I was not able to get him into the doc last week. He’s had no new bites, which makes me think I was wrong about the bedbug theory. (This is one instance where I would be glad to be wrong!) I’m thinking the bites on his leg were more likely due to a spider, seeing as it is that time of year. He still has a bit of a traveling rash on his face, and I don’t know what it is. I’m going to let his body fight it and create an immunity to whatever it is, unless it takes a turn for the serious side. It doesn’t seem to be effecting him in any other way. He’s still just as rambunctious and energy filled as ever. I think my last post was just internet fueled hysteria. Sorry about that.


11 thoughts on “My Hair is Falling Out

  1. Oh dear Sarah! I’m sorry it’s been a tough week. Having gone through layoffs a couple years ago – I know the stress well but things work out. God’s in control even when it doesn’t feel like it. Love ya sista!

  2. Goodness! I’m glad everything is relatively okay now, or at least that you’re able to look at it positively. Poor poor Selah! 😦 A little girl I used to know once pulled on the cord of an electric kettle, and boiling water came down on her! So it could’ve been worse. And hopefully Beau’s rash-whatever-thing will go away soon. At least it’s not seeming to bother him. Good luck with all the rest of the stress!

  3. Holy cow. I’m so sorry! But it could be a good kind of God thing, where he’s just kind of launching you into the next self-employed phase of life. That could be cool, but I totally get the desire to have a predictable income. Jason’s had lots of thoughts toward contract work too. It always scares me. I’ll be praying for you guys!

  4. Just the fact that you are blogging about all this tells me that you are handling it remarkably well… I can’t blog about something until I have totally freaked out, and then calmed myself back to some form of sanity. Praying for you and your family right now.

  5. When it rains it pours! Sorry about all the stress! 😦

    Just a helpfull tidbit….if you’re having a hard time finding affordable health insurance, you can always try applying for CHP+ for the kiddos (in the meantime). It’s a program for people who don’t qualify for Medicaid but can’t afford traditional health insurance. You should check it out!

    Also, if you go the self-employed route, you can sign up at Rocky Mountain Health Plans for a group plan as an employer group of 2!

    Good luck with everything!

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