Guaranteed to Make Your Skin Crawl

Right now I’m thinking, “Dude, are kidding me?” And the reason is because I am beginning to think that my son, Beau, may have either bed bug bites, or scabies. And I’ve just spent a good hour looking up info on both of these here on the good ol’ interweb. I have not been able to refrain from spontaneously itching. And I am taking deep breaths in an attempt to try and calm myself down, but a big part of me wants to get up and do a freak-out dance and let out a big freaked-out yelp.
He has several welts on his face that look like a cross between pimples and mosquito bites, and a few big ones on his thigh, a couple on his belly. I’m a little stressed about what this could mean, but either way… tomorrow we need to head to the docs and do quite a bit of deep cleaning! Argh!
I know there are a lot worse things in life, but why oh, why me?! Sleep tight, y’all.


10 thoughts on “Guaranteed to Make Your Skin Crawl

  1. hey sarah you know, you guys have ground squrrels living under the foundation,from the little i just read on bed bugs they (could) be a source of trouble,i know just what you wanted to think about.

  2. So, um, chicken pox are on the loose and come in many versions… spider bites? zoster (one side only?) shingles…..allergies? Happy detective work – it’s usually up to the mom. Most MDs are not research doctors….

  3. Oh, ha! I just remembered my best friend in TX – a mom of 4 kids and about 30 years old. She came up with these suspicious bites and was afraid they might be flea bites (very particular young woman who even kept her carpets shampooed regularly) Sheepishly going to the Dr she found out she had —-chicken pox!

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