Time for Some Laughs

Corn Holder with your Butter Anyone?
Any guesses as to who and what?

Bearded Lady
Selah is again eating black beans here. She is becoming quite the little performer.

Silly Head
The Mowhawk brothers, afresh with new faces.

Beau and the Maverick
Had I been the one that told Beau to do what he is pictured doing here, I would have been met with much resistance, but alas…it was my mother who he obeyed. Mom… can’t you get him to anything useful?!!


8 thoughts on “Time for Some Laughs

  1. sweet corn!!!! i didn’t have any this year. what is wrong with me?!?

    your kids are cute and your mom is hilarious. you guys are such a neat family. it was solidified when i saw the naked bodies on your walls. hehehe.

  2. one day Sarah Ill have him washin your car carrying your groceries, creating fabulous sculptures,ridin his snowboard,and defending his sister against villans -sound good?

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