Out on a Limb

I’m going to creep out carefully on a rather shaky and weak limb here, and talk a little bit about politics and the upcoming election (less than a month!) Let me first state that I have still not decided who I am going to vote for. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to make an objective decision amidst the number of opinions I’ve heard, things I’ve seen and been sent, the expectations of people dear to me and so forth. I don’t feel like I can stand up after the election and say “I voted for so and so, and this is why,” and I desperately want to be able to do that.

That being said… (and I know this annoys the heck out of some people, but I don’t care) there is one issue that is a “deal breaker” for me, and that is the issue of abortion. As you might have ascertained, I am pro-life. I am pro-life and I believe that life begins at conception. Recently, I found some kind discussions happening about this such issue, found here and you must read the link which this one mentions as well. I also, (like Bridget) wanted to share my response to these discussions.

I love how you’ve brought up these important issues in such a non-threatening, and thoughtful fashion. Abortion has been one of my main concerns, a “deal-breaker”, if you will. It appears to me, that the stance of both candidates is pretty similar and equally wishy wash. I honestly do not think that abortion will ever be made completely illegal, so I guess that leaves it to the voter to decide which candidate will help to lower the number of abortions that do happen every day in our country. 4,000 per day is an astonishing and saddening number, and if we can’t stop it, I would at least hope that it could be drastically reduced. Whether that is through relegating the decision to each state, or through a better economic system, I still haven’t decided…

And there you have it… a little peak as to what I am thinking as far as the election goes. I still feel like I’m at square one with either of the candidates though. My mother and I are thinking about writing in a name instead… my mom’s idea: “Mickey Mouse” πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “Out on a Limb

  1. Just wanted to pass on… my sister had a baby girl this morning. She name her Seela Cole. I made the suggestion of naming her Seela several weeks ago, after seeing the adorable pictures of your daughter. I know the spelling is different, but know that your beautiful baby girls was the inspiration.

  2. You are so funny Mickey Mouse! I just want the election to be over and done with and then maybe the in next 4 years we can get the right person in the white house, because I don’t think we as a nation are going to vote the right person in this term…if there is a right person πŸ˜‰ How wishy washy was that comment!

  3. Sarah, you brave soul!! I think it is important that we talk about this stuff. But, I will agree that 1) pro-life is a huge issue for me and 2) I am not super-stoked on either of the major candidates. But SNL has had some really funny skits that I have enjoyed. =)

  4. sarah,

    i really want to applaud you for this post. i’m sure it was not easy for you to put this up and i think it is so great that you did. it is really interesting to me for two reasons.

    first, because i was just commenting on how i keep hearing about undecided voters, but that i don’t know any of them. i know lots of people on all sides, obama, mccain, barr, etc, but really did not know someone who was completely undecided. i like that i am able to put a face that i know (i know we don’t actually know each other, outside the computer, but you know what i mean) to that of the undecided voter and that i’m able to have a better understanding of why you feel this way.

    second, while i am on the other side of this issue from you, what this post shows me is that ultimately we want the same thing, an end to abortion. we may disagree on how and why to get there, but that is what we both want, to whatever extent it is possible. i think that being able to find that common ground is essential if we have any hope of actually reaching that goal.

    so thanks again for going out on that limb. i really appreciate being able to read thoughtful, considerate writing on this issue. and sorry for such a long comment, especially because i think it might be my first comment left here, although i’ve been reading for a long time. πŸ™‚

  5. I have never voted before. To me the politicians all seemed the same and that either way it would make no difference. Also, I really didn’t want to support either of them.
    Now, I believe more than ever, that this election is so important and I want to vote, I want to make the right choice.
    I think I have…I’m just waiting to see what the next few weeks bring.

  6. i am gonna vote for mc cain. he has what i believe to be the best idea for the uninsured. as far as the abortion issue – no questions about these issues have been presented to either canidates as debate questions – however the one interveiew i did not see was the rick warren interveiw with the canidates. i wish i had seen that one, i heard it was revealing about thier core beliefs. perhaps it can be reviewed online? all i have to say is i believe obama is charming and talented , but lacks good judgement. the end, my opinion, so shoot me πŸ™‚ – lets see also names we could write in, how about,neo, harrison ford,clint eastwood, billy gram, hummm this could be fun , any others people? hey how about woody allen? – he doesnt hide the fact that he is totally disfuctional,and incapeable of good judgement at least you know what your in for:)palin for president



  9. Snoopy! That’s who I am for! Good, sensible, sensitive, honest,Snoopy. I used to wear a snoopy button. Everyone just thought I was too apathetic to vote for someone real.
    Undecided, heh? I believe I have voted in every general election since the November after 18 year olds were given a vote. I have never known who I was for sure going to vote for ’til the day of the election. Then in retrospect,win or lose, I have never wished I had voted for the “other guy.”

  10. That’s the issue I come home to as well. And neither of them seem particularly heroic when it comes to abortion legislation. I’m really disappointed with this election year, entertaining as it is.

  11. How funny, I told my dad I was writing in Mickey Mouse about a week ago hee hee hee. I am leaning very heavily towards McCain. I just get very uncomfortable about Obama. And a friend of mine shared some disturbing things about Obama and the way some people in her state (New Mexico) are raising him up as a “New Hope” for our country. But I know its going to take a lot of prayer. In the long run, God is in control, whomever our President turns out to be.

  12. Sorry, this isn’t a post about politics. I’m pretty fed up with it all, lately.

    Hey, I talked to you mother-in-law at the school last week. I guess she told the kirsten8or that she knew her Oma and Kirsten8or’s eyes got really big.

    Also, I hear you were checking out some open houses, in your neighborhood, this weekend.

  13. Hi Sarahgrace!

    This post was so well written. I don’t usually comment on politics….but I thought that you were right on target. Although I am not totally happy with the choices that we have, I will vote for the one who I feel will best serve our country.

    Hope you and the babies are doing well. Just wanted to say hello-I’ve come to your blog many times…..but just thought it stopped at the pictures…..duh….I’m getting old! Glad I pursued it further.

    Kelli still isn’t blogging. But they are all doing well. Baby Elijah will be 8 months old on the 20th. I can’t believe it myself. He is into everything now. Each one must get smarter & do things earlier. LOL!

  14. It is hard to put your political and moral thoughts out there, so thanks. Just wanted to put my two cents in on abortion. I am pro-choice, but I hate that term because I am not FOR abortions. I wish they didn’t happen. It’s one of the saddest things I can think of. But I don’t think making abortion illegal again is the answer. There will always be unintended pregnancies and there will always be women who decide to terminate. Let’s help prevent unintended pregnancies by educating our young people so less women have to make that choice. I would be for school districts implementing comprehensive sex education programs. Kids are going to have sex, let’s give them the tools to do it safely.

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