My Sleeping Angel (a Contest)

Captain Hook Taking a Snooze

So this is my first time ever, entering a contest…but as you know if you’ve been reading this here blog for any length of time, I take a lot of pictures of Beau sleeping. He’s just too cute, I can’t help it. In fact, last year, I just about took at least one picture a month of him sleeping! The difficult part of this was choosing which picture to submit!

So anyways, 5 Minutes for Mom is holding a contest where you can submit a photo of your sleeping angel, and if you win, you’ll receive the bedroom set of your choice. ( I really like the Summer Breeze set!) So, if you feel like playing, click on over there!


4 thoughts on “My Sleeping Angel (a Contest)

  1. awe. so cute! my kids are the CUTEST when they are sound asleep! last night I found tiny on top of her covers, with her pillow sans pillow case because she was curled up inside it!! crazy child.

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