7 Days: Day 6

7 Days: Day 6

Somehow… I managed to get all the kids to look at the camera at the same time. Maybe it was the tree, which is definitely more their venue than mine. Definitely a bit of miracle. Hee hee.

Jury duty was interesting this morning. We were all excused after 2 hours. Apparently the issue that needed to be settled was between a landlord and a tenant, and a jury was needed to decide whether the the tenant could remain on the property or not (until they decided whether it was lawful to evict the tenant or not.) Well, the tenant decided they did not want to stay at the residence either way, so they didn’t need us anymore. Either way, it was very interesting, and the next time I get called I will at least know what to expect.


2 thoughts on “7 Days: Day 6

  1. hi, your family is beautiful. I check in on you often through the blog and I just want you to know that I love you alway and forever!!! -shondia

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