7 Days: Day 1

7 Days: Day 1  Very Bruised Foot

Here is my first portrait of the week, a good look at my bruised up foot. You can’t see all of the color of the bruise here, but it covers near 3/4 of my foot! And yes…I bruise very easily. I often find bruises that I cannot account for, and wonder if any time ever goes by that I do not have a bruise somewhere on my body. And being the occasional klutz, as I am, does not help!

Here is another look at it from the top.
Another Shot of Bruised Foot
As a good friend used to say… “Geez o peets!”

As for 7 Days there is still time left (in America anyways) to join the group if you like! Lots of fun I tell you!


2 thoughts on “7 Days: Day 1

  1. Ow! Do you know what happened on this one?
    I once dropped a can of tuna (large, from Sam’s) with a similar result. And then there was the time I turned my ankle racing the pastor’s son – that one got really black and blue.
    Does it hurt to walk?

  2. hummm , you could have said this was a skateboarding injury while doing a trick on the ramp or something else along those lines. would have been more dramatic.:) I hope that heals up qickly

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