Weekend Fun

Selah's First Ice Cream Cone
So myself and the kiddos headed up the road this weekend to spend some time with my parents which was some much needed interaction I think for all of us after 3 days without daddy. I had a really nice time. Friday when I arrived (four hours later than I had planned…sigh) we unloaded and then decided we needed to go into town to get a few things, like chocolate. Must not be without chocolate, or corn chips, or a food processor. Hee hee. So my dad, Beau and I headed out to the nearest Wal-M@rt to peruse their chocolate aisle. (You thought I was kidding?) And found some delectable delights not to be without. My personal favorite at the moment is Lindt’s White Chocolate with coconut. Soooo good! OMG. Anyways- it was really fun for me to get to spend some one-on-one time with my dad. I treasure those moments! And yes, I did also purchase a food processor, which I’m really excited to start using. Salsa will be so much easier now!
Sarah Sherbert
Saturday morning, I headed back into town again to acquire a hair cut from my mom’s stylist. She did a fabulous job and was very easy to hang with, so I will be going back to her. Who cares that she’s 72 miles up the road from me? That afternoon, we took the kids into G-wood to go for a walk with a destination: the ice cream shop. Always a good motivator for the kids. And it was here that Selah enjoyed her first ever ice cream (well…technically it was frozen yogurt) cone. Hence the above photo. She rocked it. Never has a one year old eaten an ice cream cone with less carnage! I mean…there was still plenty of drips and sticky-ness to be had, but I was quite impressed with her performance. She still outshone her brothers, and they’ve got 2 and 4 years experience on her.
Orange and Blue Frosting Everywhere!
Sunday it was to church with my parents, and then to lunch with an old friend. Then it was time to head back home and attend the birthday party of another friend. I was exhausted before I ever left my parents house. Made a pit-stop on the way back at Starbucks, of course! Then…after 3 hours of hanging out with friends and chasing little children around, it was time to go. I grabbed Selah, stepped out the front door and down my friends front steps, and took a giant spill. Fortunately, I managed to not land on top of Selah. Unfortunately, my foot did not fair so well. It has been swollen and black and blue all day, and I believe I pulled a ligament or something in my leg. It is getting better, however, with rest thank goodness. All I can say is that I was super tired, and boy, did I feel like a klutz! Geezzzz.
I managed to get home and get the children off to bed and then waited for Kevy to arrive, which finally happened around 11:30-ish, I believe. He came bearing gifts too! More chocolate for me and then a collection of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse! I used to love watching that show with my dad when I was little. A perfect quirky gift for me. Ha ha! My hubby is the best, and knows me well.

All in all it was a great weekend, tweaked foot and all.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. She’s so cute. I saw the picture and was like “whoa! you let her eat ice cream!” (you’re the health nut, after all) and then I got to the part about it being frozen yogurt and CRACKED UP. Hahaha It’s good to see you didn’t lose your mind. that’s the Sarah I know and love! šŸ™‚

    I the foot feels better.

  2. I know, it is hard when hubby has to work so hard…but I am so glad it sounds like you had some great times with family. And, falling… well, that sounds exactly like something I would do!!! Hope it gets better soon, we all know that Mommies don’t get sick days!! =)

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