We are sort of wingin’ it this week…trying to use up what we already have in our cupboards to save a little moolah. (So you will see a lot of staples on this weeks menu…)

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken with salad and fried zucchini (we have a LOT of zucchini!)
Wednesday: Burritos
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Breakfast for dinner (Kev will not be here…)
Saturday: Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread
Sunday: Leftovers

Lunches and snacks: smoothies, salads, tuna, turkey sandwiches, super nachos


4 thoughts on “Menu

  1. Zucchini!! I miss getting that fresh from the garden. I hate suburbia.
    I remember one year, when I was growing up, we had so much squash! It was incredible! My parents were so desperate not to waste any, that we actually had a few meals that were just summer squash and zucchini. I also remember not being as amused about it at the time as I am now.

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