Just a Rambling Update

Well…Drew was only in school for three days, and here we are; sick already. Joy! Oh well, I guess it’s better to get it over with sooner than later. I wouldn’t be so grumpy about it except I keep getting this stabbing pain in one of my ears that feels like someone is poking my eardrum with a large needle repeatedly.

Other than that, we seem to be adjusting to the school thing fairly well, although it is a little early to tell. I think my least favorite part is having to drive back to pick Drew up just 3 hours later. (Then my MIL pointed out that I’ll have to be driving back and forth 3 times a day when Beau starts! Uh…maybe I’ll be brave enough to let Drew ride the bus at that point.) Yes…I’m one of those mom’s who doesn’t trust my kid or his teachers to get him on the right bus and to the right place. I just don’t like that I wouldn’t have any way of knowing whether or not he got to his class alright. So…that will be my last gripe about driving back and forth, it’s worth the security to me!

Drew seems to like it pretty well so far, and is excited to go in the morning. Like almost any boy, his favorite part is recess. He’s not too thrilled about Wednesdays; when they have early release, he doesn’t get to go to recess…ha ha! (I have to go back to pick him up after 2 hours. *insert eye roll here*) I have to admit I’m surprised at how tired he is when he comes home. I can’t imagine what in 3 hours time would require so much energy. Maybe it’s the sitting still and following directions, regimented part? He’s made one little friend, a girl… Which I’m not sure what to think about yet. I have to admit, my biggest concern with him, is his ability to make friends. It’s not that he’s not capable of doing it, he’s just pretty sensitive and seems to get his feeling hurt easily. I hope he learns to develop a tough skin and be friendly regardless! (Honestly…he’s a lot like his mommy! I remember having to learn to “be a duck” and let the teasing/insults/whatever “roll off my back”)

Beau and Selah seem to settling nice into our little morning schedule. They are playing together more, and Beau is not quite as aggressive towards her as he used to be. I took them both shopping last week, and Selah slept most of the time, which gave me a chance to focus mostly on Beau. Boy, he was a different kid! He’s such a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely person, he really needs that time and focus from me on him. He’s starting to behave much better, and also doing very well with the potty training again. (We were having a bit of lapse there in the middle of the summer…I had lots of wet pants to attend to…)

In other news, Selah is finally sleeping in her own crib to start the night off. She still ends up in bed with us half way through the night, but I can live with that. I’m enjoying the few hours of having no cling-ers-on to do whatever I please. Yay me! Soon enough, I’m sure she’ll be sleeping through the night. Until then, I’m perfectly content to snuggle with her.


6 thoughts on “Just a Rambling Update

  1. I always give the kids a vitamin at the beginning of the school year and that seems to help their immune system a little anyway. Then I get lax on them after about a month and then I give them again to them after Christmas break. Glad Drew is liking school and that you are having a great time with the other two while he is gone!

  2. My kids are sick too.

    A couple of hours is what I thought K was supposed to be like. Then I found out that Seth was going to be gone from 8:30 to 3:30. Not that I mind but… that’s a LONG time for a kid. You know?

    And I agree with you about the bus thing. I wouldn’t do it in a normal school, I’d be too scared. It’s different here. They have bus passes and have to be signed on and off the bus so I decided to try it. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. We have one more year before TJ gets off to school, so I am enjoying him before he grows up too much!
    And I wish I had more snugglers, TJ was our one and only to sleep in our bed, Little Guy and The Princess were happiest in their own beds. I do love my space in bed though!


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