Menu of Mulberries… (not really)

Monday: Eat at our mainstay, Chipotle… (then shop for groceries together!)

Tuesday: Speedy Peanut Pan Fry

Wednesday: Burrito night… burritos are easy to make, and everybody likes them…so… I often make them Wednesday nights before I head out the the pottery studio. I just open a can of beans, heat them up, but them in a tortilla with some grated cheese (pepperjack is yummy) and fry em up. For the kiddos, I make bean and cheese quesadillas, which are basically the same thing, but a different presentation. Apparently the different presentation makes them more appetizing to my kids. Go figure.

Thursday: Broiled Salmon with Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Seafood Magic seasoning, rice and vegetables

Friday: Portabello mushroom burgers

Saturday: Vegetable spaghetti with a salad and garlic bread

Sunday: Leftovers

Monday: Grilled Chicken with vegetables

Tuesday: Stuffed Pablanos

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday-Monday: Mini vacation to see my sis! Woohoo!

Lunches and snacks: big ol’ salads, avocado sandwiches, tuna sandwiches…etc…popcorn, fruit…



2 thoughts on “Menu of Mulberries… (not really)

  1. YUM. I had to look up your stuffed pablanos recipe. I don’t cook too many spicy foods but give me a jar of homemade salsa and I go to town. 🙂

    I gave you props on my bloggage. Come see!

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