To Catch a Fish

So we started the swimming lessons today, which was a whir of activity and left me kind of feeling like, “Did we just do that?” I’m thankful my mom came down to help out, because, my, would it have been super difficult to coordinate all three kids this morning taking lessons at the same time. I think we could have used an extra person this morning as it was! I am actually in the water with Selah, so I’m required to be in my suit and ready to go as well. Selah absolutely loves the water! She splashes and splashes, and much to my amazement tries to jump right out of my arms. Yikes. The thing I was a little bummed about was that I didn’t get to see much of how the boys were taking to their classes. I didn’t realize that I would miss just sitting and observing them learn and become their own little selves. (You learn so much about your children when watching from afar.) But it is good. We do have some pictures, but they are currently in my mom’s camera, and I imagine Kev will come and shoot with the D50 later on and get some really great shots.
The kids are all tuckered out. The boys were fast asleep within minutes of saying their goodnight prayers. Tomorrow we are at it again. Then I think we are going to have a good old fashion water fight in the back yard to help beat the heat. (Must remember to take pictures of that too…)


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