Pool Movers and Shakers

We decided to get the kiddos a new wading pool last weekend, and Drew and Beau were so excited about it, they moved the pool to the backyard all by themselves.

Pool Movers
We were impressed by their working together skills.

Navigating the Gate
Drew propped open the gate with a rock all by himself, and then they figured out how to turn the pool sideways in order to fit it through.

My Little Movers
They had no help from Kevin at all…he was just walking behind them taking pictures.

Let's Shake on It
Congratulating each other on a job well done. Now that we have solid evidence that they CAN work together (really well, with great problem solving skills too,) we can hold it to ’em…bwahahahaha!

Testing the Water
Here’s a little bit later after the water was added. After the water warmed up a bit, Selah really got a kick out of splashing around in it.

WalkingKick Splash
Here’s walking evidence, since I haven’t uploaded any video footage yet. And then there’s Drew, showing how NOT to work together…

Jumping Bean Drew
And of course the obligatory jumping from whatever one can find into the pool.

Jumping Bean Beau
Don’t worry, Mama was there, making sure they were safe!

Sorry no menu this week, we are just wing-in’ it with whatever is in the cupboard for the most part.


5 thoughts on “Pool Movers and Shakers

  1. Bravo! Bravo! for the problem solving skills. And…..Bravo for the parents who let them figure it out instead of giving detail by detail instructions!!!!!!!!Ha! I know this gig too well.

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