Amusement from a Surprising Source

Since I am sort of doing some spring cleaning around here (haven’t seen the mouse today), I’ve been going through boxes of keepsakes. (Side note here…what good are keepsakes if you can’t display them? They just take up space collecting dust in a box somewhere. I don’t want to get rid of them, but I can’t think of any creative ways to display them. Ideas?) Back to my story here, I found a note that I had kept from the 7th grade. You know, one of those little notes that is folded up all special and someone hands to you while you’re walking to your next class? It was one of those, except this wasn’t from somebody I’d call a friend. I can’t exactly figure out why I kept it, except for the fact that it was extremely amusing to read again today, so I thought I’d share. Grammar, punctuation and spelling intact.

When did we tell you that you are trying to get all the guys. Whoever told you that is lying. If you call us a b@%$ then I guess it takes one to know one. Sorry but what you say comes back to you. We just think you guys are major copycats. You do everything the same as (Insert a certain girls name here) Melissa’s OK but if she turns against us just cause you are then she’s not a good friend either. Buy the way, everybody knows you and Melissa like DON!
Well, gotta go!
(Insert another certain girls name here)
W.B.A.S.A.P. and tell me if you like Don cause we know you do!

This note was from some girls Melissa (who is a great friend, my best friend still!) and I sort of hung out with in middle school. The funny thing about it is that in 7th grade, I had a sort of personal identity crisis, and purposely dressed and acted differently than everybody else (and hence, got made fun of quite a bit.) So, the accusation that I was copying somebody is very funny, because there is no way these girls would want to be accused of looking or acting like me. The rest, I think is self-explanatory. Oh, and I have no memory of ever calling these girls a you-know-what. 😉 Hee hee.


11 thoughts on “Amusement from a Surprising Source

  1. I laughed OUT LOUD over that note, I bet we all got notes very similar to that one at some point in jr high. I found an old art portfolio the other day when we were going through boxes, and I was drawing a LOT of clothes, apparently I fancied myself a fashion designer in the very early 90’s. Maybe someday I will scan one or two in and share them!

  2. I am laughing so hard!! I remember you in 7th grade, and agree that those girls must have been crazy because you HATED to be like anyone else. Perhaps this note was the REASON you were that way? haha (now Im curious who it was) Love ya

  3. I had some ideas… You could make one of those framed memory boxes with ‘similar’ keepsake items and hang it up on your wall. I also have contemplated scanning specail letters, cards and what not and making one of those shutterfly books out of it.

  4. ha ha fill me in, why did Dad and Dan go eat lunch at the middle school? or was that just Dan? I know they had some fun intimidating some boy , what was that story?I loved that you had your own quirky style – very artsy, you know, I was very proud of your refusal to be, and act like everyone else.keep it up. You won’t regret it down the road.I know.Im one of THOSE girls too.

  5. Junior High and High School; long dark tunnel. Do not want to repeat it. Yes, I have had notes and comments such as that leveled at me; the thing that still catches me off guard is when the same immaturity, barb, and jabs, show up in adult life (ie: “C is a little b@#*@ and I’m going to get her fired”- just because I was selling more…….

  6. That’s just too much. Especially the WBASAP part. Now that we’ve insulted you, make sure you write back and tell us your deepest secrets. Oh, young teen pathos. What ever happened to the writer of that note? I imagine her as a chubby uber soccer mom, and not the good kind either.

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