We Have a Visitor

Yesterday morning as I was sitting dazed on the end of my bed, trying to wake up a bit, I saw what looked like a shadow dart from under the bed to under my daughter’s car seat which was sitting nearby. I would have jumped down real quick to see what it was, but Selah was trucking around on the bed and I couldn’t just leave her there unattended. So the rest of the day I questioned whether I had really seen anything, but did not neglect to tell my husband about it.
This morning, I was sitting on the couch that is at the foot of our bed, (watching He-Man with Beau) and I saw it again, darting the same direction. Since I was closer, I got a much better view, and it was indeed, a mouse. Kevin was in the room, so I of course, alerted him and he went to chasing the thing, and got a pretty good view himself. (At this point, I’m just relieved that I am not going crazy and seeing things.) Kevin was unable to do anything about it this morning as it had a pretty good place to hide amongst all my shoes in the closet. (!!!)
Later, as I assumed my position on living room couch with my tea and toast and nursling, I saw the thing scamper out of our room, right down the floor boards towards our children’s rooms, it’s long tail flying behind him. Great.
Needless to say, Kev is at the store, purchasing some squeaker snaps (as he referred to them)- and I am faced with the task of doing some pretty major spring cleaning. I’ve also been a bit jumpy, I never know when IT may re-appear and surprise me. If only he were 8 ft. tall and talked in an abnormally high voice…


6 thoughts on “We Have a Visitor

  1. This happened to me years ago when we lived in reno. Scared the crap out of me.

    Ours came because there was a fire in the fields nearby and had to live somewhere, right? It just didn’t know how vicious I could be about killing it.

    If it’s showing itself, it must be a baby. Make sure you get momma. πŸ™‚

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