Welcome to the New Look

Which will inevitably be changing soon.  This photo that I had as the header for two short days, is a magna-doodle drawing that Drew did the other day.  He drew Kevin while they were waiting in the car for me to come out of the grocery store.  When I came out and Kev showed me the drawing, telling me that Drew drew it, I thought he’d helped Drew out a bit, but nope! Drew is the sole artist here and I was pretty impressed.

The current graphic is one that Kevin constructed himself, and tweaked it a little bit for me.  (My favorite color is purple, so he changed all the color in it to purple.)  Thanks babe, you rock!

Oh, and I came up with the new title…although, I imagine that might change periodically as well, and become more of a changing tagline than anything.  You know, because changing your mind is a women’s prerogative. So henceforth, I shall be known as “sarahgrace”, because that is something that will never change.  At some point in time my web address may also change, but I will be sure to let you know when I do that.  


9 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Look

  1. I can see he is focusing on the contour – look at that BIG braincase and HUGE muscles – GOOD JOB Drew ! GMA sum

  2. Cute new look. I enjoyed our visit the other night, and the smores we all had fun making! Will you please email me or call me with that recipe for your wonderful salsa? I loved it.

  3. You must have changed it already! I wanted to see Drew’s magna doodle thing! However, I LOVe the new look it is awesome!

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