Well…I had to really fight to even write this post today, and then when I got here, I still didn’t want to post because it’s the same old story, and I hate to feel like I’m depressing and or letting my readers down. (I really need to stop making myself responsible for everyone elses happiness) Anyways, I’m pulling the “it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to” card here, and posting what’s really on my heart. Maybe you can help me.
I’ve still been feeling really unmotivated and tired this week. It’s not changing. Either I’m actually depressed, or I’m having a really big hormonal shift. Who knows? (Certainly not me.) I feel like a really high functioning depressed person. I can muster enough energy to do the necessary things, like getting out of bed, showering, laundry and preparing food, conversing with people. I just don’t feel like doing much else. Maybe I’m not depressed. Maybe I’m grieving something. But what? I just keep trying to mentally fight this and hope that it goes away, and I will eventually feel like myself again.


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  1. Want my honest opinion? Okay here it is… I think this is completely normal – 100%. I think many, many moms go through this and it will pass and if it doesn’t seem to then I highly recommend seeing your doctor because there are tons of things to help. TLC for yourself is a top priority right now. And don’t be too hard on yourself Sarah. Nobody expects you to be superwoman except yourself. I think you rock!

  2. The six people who responded above really hit the nail on the head.
    Other options for caues: returning to bio-cycles after birthing a girl child.
    Allergies and junk in the air.
    Change of season.
    Not enough physical intimacy or general intimacy
    Not enough money (something to grieve)
    Some mineral missing from diet.

    Cure: take care of yourself and get plenty of alone time 🙂
    drink plenty of water
    eat right
    exercise right
    get plenty of sleep
    spend time with good friends
    quality spiritual time (unfortunately requires said alone time……..

    Oh good heavens, with a remedy like that it is incurable until you are 50
    Love you

  3. the bio-cycles after a girl child could be part of it.
    I also suspect the grieving?
    The list Cher gave… it could be a cumulative effect of several.

    Know that you are not alone – a hug to you, my friend.

  4. I think it is perfectly normal. Sometimes we need to figure out who we are, again. Could this have anything to do with the fact that your oldest is going to school this year and your youngest is starting to get pretty independent? You are still needed big time!

  5. I get that too. Especially after the baby is getting bigger and nursing a little less and becoming more demanding in other ways. I also noticed that after Naiah my PMS tendencies went into OVER-overdrive. It was like I was PMS-ing 3 weeks out of four, with tiny breaks of sunshine in between. And then in her second year it sort of slowly lengthened out and got better and better. But that’s me. Who knows what’s normal anymore? I just hope it becomes easier for you soon, even if you don’t ever quite figure it out. 😉

  6. “I feel like a really high functioning depressed person.”
    Yes! I know this feeling! Especially when Monday rolls around and it’s back to dishes and laundry and stuff. I have yet to find “joy” in cooking, cleaning or otherwise. I think it is a personality type, that is not mine.
    So I’m reading the comments above with particular interest.

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