Explain that to Me Again

Just wanted to say, that I have been around- I’ve been reading a lot of your blogs, but not commenting. I have a touch of depression this week, and just lacking the motivation to interact. Nothing serious, probably just do to some cycle of hormones (thats what I blame everything on.) I’m working on it, and going to be okay. Just filling my need to explain myself, because I know you all were wondering… 😉


8 thoughts on “Explain that to Me Again

  1. Oh, when you get tired of hormones (or too old for them); just blame it all on bloomin’ allergies, as I do.
    My dear, you need a long thinking walk with a good friend….but who would watch the kids?

  2. Is that what causes it? 😉
    🙂 ;-P ;-P 😉 ;-D

    (Making funny faces… does that help?)

    My love to you, Sarah.

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