Wednesday’s Tiny Moment

30 Tiny Moments 5/30: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Well…lets see here-this is chocolate chip cookie dough, need I say anything else?

On to other news, about our schools of choice here. I am going to call the first “NE school” for the sake of discussion, and the second I am going to call “CA school”. We are on the waiting list at CA school, because I completely missed their lottery, which took place in February. I did catch the lottery process at NE school and just heard from them yesterday. Drew is 7th on the wait list there. So that now leaves us…still in limbo. I am really hoping that someone will vacate their spot at CA school in particular (they have a classical and core knowledge curriculum that I really like.) Otherwise, the regular schools we have close to us are pretty good, but I still intend on at least observing at both of them before I decide which one to send Drew to, should he not be offered a spot at NE and CA schools. Ha ha…I hope that made any sense to you- if not, oh well…please advance to the next subject.

Beau has been breathing much better at night! Yay! I thought he might after taking the antibiotics for the strep, and praise the Lord, he is. So, crises averted there.

And, for the really exciting news, my little(est) sister, Ariel, is pregnant, again! This will be her and her hubby’s second child, and apparently she is due on December 24th! Should be a really exciting Christmas season this year. So, all I have to say is, Hannah, you’ve got a lot of ground to make up! ha ha…just kidding.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Tiny Moment

  1. That cookie dough looks so yummy! I followed your school story 😉 Isn’t it hard to figure out what to do with these little kids and there education. I am think that next year the kids will go to school and if it is too hard to get them all there on time we might homeschool the next year?! Just my thoughts for now but who knows!

  2. Ooooh, yum! Now I’m craving some.

    We’re doing classical education here, and I totally love it. It’s actually what I had growing up at that little private school in Mississippi, but I didn’t know it at the time. I hope you guys can get in with a good one!

  3. Send some of that cookie dough my way! My children are in the CA school. So far we have been really happy! Hang in there! You never know what could happen. Some people could move and it may not be a good fit for some families. Especially since there is no bus system.

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