Tuesday’s Tiny Moment

30 Tiny Moments 4/30:  "This is Tiny!"

My mom stayed with us last night, and we ran out real quick (if that is even possible) with all the kids to Wal-Mart and then got some tasty chicken wings to eat on the way home. (Yes, I’m fully aware this violates a lot of my eating and shopping resolutions as of late…but anyways…) I got my camera out to take a shot of us enjoying the chicken wings, and mom asked if this was for my “tiny moments” thing on my blog. Yes, I said, and then she held up the chicken wing and pointed and said, “THIS is tiny!” And, behold…this is the photographic evidence. You can thank me later. Yes, those are her real glasses, and the lenses were prescribed to her by a behavioral ophthalmologist, to even out her vision and give her a sense of general well being. She truly is looking at the world through rose colored glasses.
Beau is seen here arranging his cheese-its in neat little rows…


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tiny Moment

  1. Hey, you beat me to the rose colored glasses punch line. But, don’t knock it; she looks so youthful,I think I’ll get me a pair – especially if they improve one’s perspective and vision!

  2. I love how others always get involved in our crazy internet projects. The day we had snow Mum was awake before me and her first thought on seeing it was that it was sure to be my “moment” for the day!

  3. ok , Rebecca, thank you ! but I thought this was pretty funny , I had to look up pollyanna in the dictionary – I have never been refered to as pollyanna- anyway one of the definitions was a blindly optimistic person – this is funny –

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