Monday’s Tiny Moment

30 Tiny Moments 3/30: Daddy and the Boys

Here is Monday’s capture of my hubby giving some love to the boys. My husband and I have an ongoing conversation about how to keep our marriage alive and healthy, and “what is and isn’t attractive” is a topic that often comes up as a part of that conversation. Being a person who at times doesn’t know what makes herself tick, it can be hard for me to identify what is on my list of “what is attractive” beyond the obvious things. I think the majority of women probably have “is good with kids” on their lists, and I certainly did. What I didn’t know before I got married, or had children for that matter, was if my hubby was good with kids. (There was a lot I didn’t know, but boy do I feel blessed in spite of my ignorance.) I assumed, hoped (and prayed) that he would be. What I know now, is that my husband is beyond good with children, especially ours. He loves them wholeheartedly and without holding back. And that is way more attractive than any muscles will ever be.

My apologies for this tiny moment becoming so darn sappy…


5 thoughts on “Monday’s Tiny Moment

  1. I agree the guy being good with kids is high on my list too. My husband’s sister is 10 years younger than him so I got to see that side before we got married! His sister was 5 when we started dating and now she is 17 🙂

  2. Oh, I love this one too. There is nothing like seeing all your boys together…wrestling, or doing something “boyish”.

  3. That is the warmest, fuzzy ist picture ever, a total feel good. Kevin makes me feel loved also – thanks Kev. I love you – gma

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