Well- I’m feeling a little bit better today, no fever, but still have a throbbing headache and a raging sore throat.  So I’m going to the doc today to make sure I don’t have strep throat.  I had something very similar to this about 2 weeks ago, and it seems a little off that it came back so soon- so just taking the necessary precautions, since strep is not something to take lightly.  I’m not too excited at the prospect of having to take antibiotics, but the idea of feeling better sooner than later, definitely is a plus.

Also, Beau seems to be suffering from what appears to be sleep apnea.  He falls asleep, starts snoring, then stops breathing for a second and then gasps for air and stirs a little bit.  Anyways- we would definitely appreciate your prayers.  This is kind of a scary thing for us, and we are really unsure of what to do about it- aside from starting by taking him to the doc as well.


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