Random Week, Weekend, Whatever…

Hello all. I’m writing again from my parents house.

-Selah is officially the “paper monster”. If there is paper within a five mile radius of her, she will find it and try to eat it. Doesn’t like mush or anything else, but paper-she will eat.

-I have been “researching” schools for Drew, since he will be starting Kindergarten in the fall this year. (YIKES! That was quick!) Went and observed at a school “of choice” here in town. I know I had mentioned several times that I had been thinking about homeschooling, and have decided at this point in time that it would be best for him to attend school. I just know that with my full schedule and hands with all three of the kids at the ages they are at right now, Drew will get a much better education from going to school than he will from me! It took a long time for me to realize that- that it is my responsibility to give him the best education possible, and that does not necessarily mean keeping him at home for now. However, we are definitely looking at what is available to us here and hope to be able to get into one of our public “schools of choice” here.

-Got my hair cut, as in chopped, lopped, ears lowered majorly. Will have to provide photo documentation for that one. šŸ˜‰

-Did I mention that Selah is full on crawling? Was that not apparent by the “Paper Monster” explanation? Well, yes, she is crawling and highly mobile now, and yeah, I’ve got my work cut out for me. She also likes to eat Legos.

-The vegetarian thing is going well. I haven’t found very many new recipes largely because I just haven’t had much time to look, but I’m hoping to do that soon. So we’ve be eating a lot of the same. Beans and pasta and portabello mushrooms. We definitely notice feeling better and healthier and having more energy. We are not super strict about it though, and have meat at least once a week largely because we do not expect or want our friends and family to have to cater to our new diet, nor do we want to distance ourselves socially as a result of our diet either. That would not be healthy!


8 thoughts on “Random Week, Weekend, Whatever…

  1. Your hair is cute! You should see all the hair I’ve tried on at my blog…and some news. I can’t find your email…dern it.

  2. There she goes! Now you’ll never catch her. šŸ˜‰

    I hope you guys can get into the ‘school of choice.’ There are certainly some good ones out there!

  3. Have you thought of spreading nutritious things on the paper before Selah eats it?
    That is fantastic that you are leaning more towards the vegetarian diet, if nothing else, your kids won’t be looking at fruits and vegetables as some weird kind of foreign object that may cause serious harm or actually kill them if they even so much as poke it with a fork.

  4. Well, a lot of thought and philosophy went in to that, so called, random post!
    I think you are on the right track to balance with all your musings and decisions.

  5. Go Sarah! I’m not doing the Vegan thing anymore but am eating mostly vegitarian. I sure felt better eating Vegan but it doesn’t really fit my lifestyle right now. BUt I did gain a healthier way of eating for sure from doing it. Plus it was such a good cleanse. Can’t wait to see your hair.

  6. Welcome to the world of mobile baby! We have officially been here for 2 weeks now. Not much of a paper eater, but she will TEAR IT UP!
    So, show us the hair!! I chopped mine off about a month or so ago. 6 inches or more gone! Post your pic and I will post mine! lol

  7. I was just reading the comments, and I realized that for the first time in their lives, my oldest two are NOT eating paper. And they’re six. She could be stuck on that for quite a while.

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