Thank God it’s Knitting Night!

EDITED- to say, that after all that…Knitting night got canceled, which bummed me out, but all was not lost!  I was rescued by Kev, who took me out of the house and a nice and harmonious evening was  had by all. : )
Oh my holy, H.E. double hockey sticks! I need a break! I’m complaining…big time, so if you don’t want to hear/read it… turn away, turn away now! I’m so weary of big messy house, annoying noisy toys, bickering children, and poop rubbed into the carpet! Aaaagh!

Last week, I did not go to the pottery studio, as is the normal routine for me on Wednesday night, because I was 1.sick 2. did not want to get others sick 3.sick. Anyways- nothing was done to replace my much relied upon ALONE time. Well, not alone, so much as on my own, but anyways. Then I had family staying with us for the weekend, and Beau’s birthday party to be had on Sunday. Now I have a very messy house, piles and piles of laundry, dishes, and poop rubbed into the carpet. I’m so very annoyed. And the kids keep asking me if daddy is coming home for lunch. I don’t know, but if you ask me that one more time, my brain is going out to lunch.

Anyways, she says with a big sigh, I feel a little bit better now. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. Sometimes it’s all just a little too much to take- and you just have to let it out. Here’s to a trouble free week for all of us…bwahahahahaha…yeah right!


5 thoughts on “Thank God it’s Knitting Night!

  1. Uh, poop… in… carpet…

    How the…?!

    Okay, I’m not laughing. Well, maybe I am. But it’s not at you, it’s WITH you. You’ll appreciate it in, say, 20 to 30 years. But from where I sit, it’s pretty amusing now.

    But I do feel bad for you. 😦 I hope your day gets better. And If I lived by you, would I be invited to knitting night. It sounds hella cool!

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