7 Days , Day 1

7 Days , Day 1
7 Days, Day One: The Aftermath

I call this “the Aftermath” because today is my second son’s third birthday. He was the one that gave me the most stretch marks by far- and I wanted to pay homage to him by showing that. Sort of…you can see a stretch mark if you look closely. I wasn’t brave enough to post a full on shot. So here’s to my son, Beau-that’s where you were over three years ago. I still bear your mark, and I always will.

I love you buddy, Mom.

7 Days, Day One: Too Serious

This is my second photo for day one…I’m not sure if that was allowed- but I couldn’t decide so I did two. I just like how candid this one ended up being. I was trying to adjust my camera and accidentally snapped a shot- and this is what I got.


6 thoughts on “7 Days , Day 1

  1. My second did the most marking too. It surprised me, because the first ones were twins, so I assumed that would be the worst of the stretch marks. But no. My doctor said it’s more about how far along you are than how many are in there or how stretched you get. So sucky.

  2. Very artistic Photo!
    Nice torso, too.
    Have you thought of creating such a sculpture?
    Then you could fire it Raku and see where the new stretch marks come out!

  3. Naiah (looking at this picture): Mommy, she stuck her arm!
    Me: What arm?
    Naiah: She showing her arm!
    Me: Oh! No, honey, that’s her tummy.

    (Her mother has substantial arms. It’s a curse.)

  4. ugh , what stretch marks ? But I love Chers idea , just like the worry wart – cant get that idea out of my head- co madre

  5. You are a brave woman! I got all of mine from my first born! And someday I hope to get most of them removed by laser…. He did a number on me let me tell ya.

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