Contrary to Popular Belief…

(an open letter to my children)

…I do not know the answers to everything…specifically those questions that start with ‘why’

…I also do not know where every tiny little thing is in the household…specifically the teeny tiny little radio you just had in your hand just five minutes ago

…I cannot make the sun come up or go down, or change the weather (but I would if I could)

…I am not an octopus, meaning I cannot hold an infant, wash dishes and get you juice at the same time

…I am not your personal short order cook

…I do not produce chocolate milk

…I am not your personal cleaning machine

…I don’t think toys scattered all over the floor is a stylish way to decorate our house

…Having to clean up the mess you just made does not automatically give you a headache, (it gives me one.)

… My arms are not made of steel

…I am not very tasty

…I don’t understand Sobberwish ( a combination of sobbing and speaking at the same time.)

…I don’t want you to discipline your own brother


I do have an invisible plane and a great little red, blue and gold number with a cape…


4 thoughts on “Contrary to Popular Belief…

  1. I can totally relate. If only you could tape yourself reading that, and post it on You Tube, you would get as many hits as that lady singing the mommy song to the William Bell overture, or whatever it is.

  2. I like the creativity and humor of your writing!
    (also, the addition of the Dailies – it is not always possible to polish an idea or event for publication before you blow right on past and this category journals stuff that may provoke creativity later 🙂 – you know, in forty years when you have time….

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