Selah Can…

Roll over.

Rolling Over

Rolling Over

Roling Over

Almost crawl.

(notice the shadow, indicating that she is on all fours and off the ground)
Goin' For It

Taste bananas really well…Probably too well…

Not Liking it So Much


Sit up. (and spit up, but that’s not something you want to see.)

Sitting and Smiling

Baby girl is six months old and pretty awesome. I think we’ll keep her.


9 thoughts on “Selah Can…

  1. Sarah – Selah is just beautiful! I enjoyed all the pics of her. It looks like all is well in your busy world!

    Thank you for inquiring about Kelli on my blog. She is awaiting the arrival of baby – unknown sex – due on Feb. 18th! We are so excited!

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