Well, it’s Monday again. Granted, the rest of the world US has the day off, I do not, but that is the bargain you take when you become a mom. Anyways…I’m feeling ambitious this morning in spite of it all. In the interest of becoming more healthy, my hubby and I are looking at just taking that extra step and going vegetarian. My husband wants to go vegan, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet (or ever.) I still like me some cheese, milk, eggs and BUTTER. (Yes, I’m aware that those are all full of saturated fat.) Plus, it’s difficult enough planning meals every week (especially for the kids) that are healthy with meat, it’s going to be a little bit more difficult to eliminate the meat (we pretty much only eat fish and poultry) and I don’t need the added difficulty of trying to figure out how to do my recipes without eggs, milk, cheese or butter… yet, anyways.
So this week, I will be educating myself about getting all the necessary nutrition whilst being a vegetarian. I will probably be sharing my findings here.

Also…last week, I looked up some info on MSG, just to educate myself on what it is, and why it’s bad for you, and boy did I find a scary article! Plus, I am shocked at how much of our food has some form of MSG in it. If you’re interested in the topic, I also recommend looking it up here, and click on the glutamic acid links and so forth. That way you can get a fairly good understanding of what it is. Anyways…all that to say, I’m trying to eliminate most of the free glutamic acids as possible from our diet.
Also, one of my goals for the week is to re-do my address system. I got some index cards and a box, and will be writing down all my contacts on index cards and organizing them alphabetically. (A bit cheaper than a Rolodex, too.) This way, I can also take all the business cards Kevin gets and organize them into our address system too.
Wednesday, both Drew and Selah have a well-child visit together, and my mom is going to be here to help out with that. (Thank goodness! I hate going to those on my own!) Then she is going to stay and hang out for the day and we’ll go play with some clay later on that night.
Friday, Kevin has a gig here in town, which I probably will be staying at home with the kids for.
And now I’m off to balance my checkbook, and the weight of the world didn’t I tell you I was being ambitious?


8 thoughts on “Ambitious

  1. that’s really neat that you are looking into all of this. i’m looking forward to hearing what you learn. i have to say, i’m so tired of food and cooking being such a chore… in the way that you have to go out and find specific things, or avoid others. you can’t just get whatever is on the shelf anymore. well, i could, but after doing some reading of my own, i can’t bring myself to do it. it’s such a pain! we’re on the verge of eating organic… it’s such a price difference though!

  2. I hear you. I get tired of it all too. Often I pull something off the shelf, thinking it’s okay for me, then get it home and find out it’s made of crap! So frustrating, and it’s hard to take the time to look at labels and such when you’ve got a cart full of screaming kids. We try to go organic as much as possible, esp. on the things we eat the most like milk and apples and bananas. Fortunately, it’s getting a lot more popular so the prices are slowly coming down. Our local health food store is pretty reasonable, and usually cheaper than W@l-M@rt on the organic and healthier foods. I just tell myself that by spending a little bit more money on decent food, I’m saving myself a bunch later in doctor bills! Ha ha!

  3. Um Hum. Don’t like that MSG at all- I consistantly avoid it.
    As for beef? Well, that is my favorite protein, so I will keep it, but I still aim for moderation and balance; just a little to the left here, a little to the right over there.

    I have found that when one cuts out something completely- one sways way off in another category to compensate.

    I also like the middle of the road when planning menu for more than one. Each individual may be allergic to something otherwise healthy. For instance, I cannot have hard cheese or milk, but those are staples of a nutritious diet for my teens.

  4. Whatever you do , just do it for the right reasons- looking forward to some good recipes ,anyway. and beware of social alienation issues as well.I love you, pray God blesses your efforts,to take care of your family – Mom- just like driving- I have faith you wont drive into the lake

  5. Oh, good for you. That darn MSG triggers migraines for me, so I know exactly what you mean.

    S p l e n d a is right up there, too in my book. Real sugar cooked in chlorine and phosgene gas.

    I can’t wait to read what you find! Bring on the hummus. 🙂

    PS. have amazing menus and printable grocery lists for vegans (organic eaters, or just to loose weight, too). Just an FYI.

  6. When we lived in Hong Kong, every other day we saw deliveries of giant bags of MSG to restaurants and grocery stores and homes, and they were labeled “Magic Salt.” Talk about scary. 😉

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