Looking Back at 2007

Then we look forward…(and hopefully make better decisions, or whatever.)

-Somebody thought I was 35!
-I was steamed about the many door to door religious advertisers that darkened my doorstep
-We went sledding
-I took a picture of Beau asleep
Sleeping Upright ...

-Wondering about the sex of the baby
-Having conversations with Drew about the baby
-Pondering about pottery
-Had NO cavities…woohoo
-Bragged about sewing a jawa outfit (that Beau refused to wear…and lets be honest here, really wasn’t that spectacular)
-Drew turned four and I reviewed my parenting skills
…and Drew asked me why pee was yellow…

-Drew spilled a lot of Legos on the floor
-Drew made a pretty cute storm trooper
-I had quite the experience getting an EKG
-I had to take some horse pills
-I took a picture of Beau asleep on his sippy cup

-Belly photo…
-Conjuring up support for my mom and the MS walk
-Learned the consequences (and/or benefits) of teaching kids the proper names for their private parts
-Found out we were having a perfectly healthy baby GIRL!

-Baby pictures of Beau, including several of him sleeping
Conked Out Pot Belly
Baby Beau 2005

-Beau turned 2
-Had a lovely bout of food poisoning
-I was so busy I couldn’t think straight
-Kevin and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary
-Found out that Drew really does like me
-Painted a portrait of Beau
-More belly photos
-Took yet another sleeping picture of Beau (I didn’t realize I did that so much!)
Close up and Cute
-I participated in 7 Days

-Kevin and I contemplated moving
-Drew developed a sense of humor
-I discovered the benefits of using a sexy voice…(not really)
-We celebrated Easter
-It snowed
-Grappled with depression and wonky pregnancy emotions
-My Mom switched MS medications after learning her current one wasn’t working
-Saw the beginnings of Beau’s potty training (funny, I still feel like we’re at the beginning.)
-Participated in a pretty successful MS Walk
-Took anther photo of Beau sleeping…not in the forground…but definitely asleep
Talking with Her Hands

-Went on a sunny desert vacation and had lots of fun, and a speeding ticket…
-Belly photo
-Drew made a Papa Alan Mr. Potato Head
-I was interviewed
-We raised over $2000 for the MS Walk
-Paid tribute to all the mothers in my life
-One word: Heartburn. Need I say anymore?
-Drew attempted to give himself a makeover
-Drew blamed his own poopy pants on Honor
-Attended my SIL’s high school graduation
-Moved the boys into the same room
-Dated my husband
-Apparently I didn’t take a photo of Beau sleeping this month…at least not one that I uploaded to Flickr…

-Drew thought a big mole on my shoulder was a bug
-Belly photos
-Had another ultrasound, which led to me pondering about becoming and ultrasound tech
-Kevin participated in a Battle of the Bands
-Beau threw his sippy cup at Drew, giving him a good gash in his noggin
-Kevin verbally established that he puts his family before church, bless him for that
-Took yet another photo of a sleeping Beau

-My grandma thought I looked large enough to be carrying twins…
-I got neurotic about the impending birth
-My BIL stayed with us
-We had 90 degree weather, and Drew still wanted to wear winter clothes
-My feet began to swell
-I knitted some stuff
-Folded a lot of tiny pink clothing

-Went on a date with Drew
-Worried about Beau being a middle child
-Had baby corn removed from Beau’s ear
-Drew peed on Beau
-I almost drank an earwig
-We got Ted, our Beta fish
-More belly photos
-Yet another shot of Beau sleeping
Sleeping in the Crevice

-I participated in 7 Days
-The boys jumped on the trampoline
-A friend told me to blow on my thumb to get the baby out
-My friends threw me a super fun baby shower
-We welcomed Selah Summer Ann into the world, the day after she was due
-I went to the mall 6 days after she was born: it was NOT fun, or productive, unless we’re talking about breastmilk

-Kevin finally started a blog
-We took two week old Selah, and the boys of course, to California for a family reunion…and Selah slept

-Met fellow blogger, Heather, while we were in California
-I shared Selah’s birth story along with some pictures
-Drew wondered if butter came from butterflies

-I severely neglected my blog in order to read the Harry Potter series
-Beau attempted to help Kevin play the drums, right in the middle of one of his shows
-Kev and I took lots of pictures, this time with ones of me and Selah sleeping

-Selah started teething at nine weeks
-Selah showed the world her big blue eyes

-I participated in 7 Days
-Drew and Beau played telephone with pieces of bread
-A tank carrying the odor they add to natural gas was hit, making our whole valley smell grrreat!
-I got stung by a wasp, twice.
-I struggled with finding the new normal as a parent of three
-Selah turned three months old
-The boys got a bunk bed
-I thought about changing the title to my blog
-I struggled with our finances
-Photo of Beau asleep as Captain Hook
Captain Hook Taking a Snooze

-Selah helped me do some laundry
-Zoe’s Birthday Photos
-We all came down with and subsequently conquered “the crud”
-Drew educated us on the color of tongues
-I experienced the “Vortex” for the millionth time, but wrote about it for the first
-Selah decided to wake up for two hours at four in the morning a couple of times
-I went grocery shopping with all three kids, thereby, conquering my current Mount Everest
-Viking mommy
-Photos of Selah asleep

-I had some new thoughts about Thanksgiving
-We celebrated Thanksgiving with Ariel’s in-laws
-I really missed Kevin, even though he was just in our basement

-More photos to counter-act my glum-ness
-Photo of Beau asleep under the Christmas tree

-Selah did a pretty good impersonation of Elton John
-Kevin and I finally had a good fight and worked everything out
-Beau gave himself a pretty good shiner
-Drew pondered marriage
-Beau started talking up a storm, and making poop paintings ( just a wee exaggeration)
-Selah finally sprouted her first two teeth
-We celebrated Christmas at our house, and succeeded in making and cleaning up a huge mess

It’s January 8, and I still have to take down my Christmas tree. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2007

  1. I like how you procrastinate…you could have gotten that whole tree down in the time it took to remember all that stuff, I am tired from your year already! whooo! BTW my tree is up too!
    Oh ya, whats to worry about being a middle child? I turned out OK…Right?? hehe

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