Quotes from the Wee Ones

Beau: “A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K ‘I’m a bumblebee…”


After looking at an article on volcanoes in my dad’s Outside Magazine, I began discussing some of my findings with the rest of my family who was sitting there. This particularly interested Drew, who was obviously deep in thought about volcanoes for a long while afterward. While driving home from my parents, he pipes up from the backseat, “If volcanoes shooted out milk instead of hot lava, it could turn into snow and we could play in it.”


3 thoughts on “Quotes from the Wee Ones

  1. or if they shot out greenbacks wed all be rich !! ha ha ha I look forward to all the deep conversations yet to be , that I hope to have with my little blessings. I would say we all were blessed wirh the riches of a great way to start off the new year sledding on all that frozen milk .

  2. Without a shadow of a doubt Drew and Beau are related to all the male relatives; as well as to the female…..
    Quite imaginative and picturesque.

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