Well, sorry I haven’t written too much in the last few days. Life has not been so fun for me lately. I don’t really want to be complaining on this blog all the time, so I choose not to write. Then I end up feeling like I’m not really being myself, and this is my blog so I should be able to write whatever I want, right? But I definitely feel like I have a responsibility to you as my reader(s) to keep things balanced; not too much complaining, not too much happiness (c’mon, we don’t crap rainbows here!), and lots and lots of pictures. Sort of. So anyways. Right now, I’m grappling with some hard stuff about life. It’s nothing any of you haven’t dealt with, and it’s nothing I haven’t written about before. However, in the balance area, we have been seriously lacking in pictures, no? So here we go…pictures!

Here we have a nice shot of our Christmas tree (no, it’s not real) with the added bonus of a Beau. Beau apparently crept out of bed, for who knows what reason, and landed here in front of the tree. (He’s been getting out of bed a lot lately; last night we found him in the kitchen ready to delve into the caramel popcorn. When Kev asked him what he was doing, he feigned innocence, pointed to the popcorn and said, “How the hay did that get there?” Sidenote: yes, I say ‘hay’ instead of ‘hell.’ It’s probably a habit I should drop.)

As I think every mother has said or thought at one time or another, “It’s a good thing he’s so cute.”

My skate-boarder trio.

Drew and Selah. He loves her so much, he has even expressed that he wants to marry her when he grows up. It’s been interesting trying to explain to him why he can’t.

“I want YOU…to clean up all my toys for me.”

Well…I’m off to try to get a jump on another ridiculously busy week…first up: laundry, betcha couldn’t have guessed that one…


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  1. First… I think you should feel free to write WHATEVER you want – be it complaining every day or whatever you want. I’ll read regardless.

    I have that same internal editor – and I hate it. Why is there always that need to live up to others expectations? – at least that’s what I’ve been struggling with. Next year (starting now, actually) I’m working on not caring. Because ultaimately, as long as my husband doesn’t care (and my family for that matter), why do I worry about everyone else at large?

    Second, the crapping ranbows comment… hahahahahahaha When I wiped the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard… hahahah…. I laughed again! THAT, my firend, is why I adore you.

    Third, that Christmas tree is STUNNING.

    Fourth, I hope your life gets better. Well, at least less stressed. 😉 I know a little something about stress.

  2. I hope things get better! Your tree is beautiful!! I love the pic of Beau sleeping 🙂 Don’t worry about censoring yourself, we all go through rough times, I also need to work on not caring if I am wah wah wah all the time! Trust me, there are days I don’t post because I don’t want to be down all the time

  3. Hey – why should you stop saying hay? Write whatever you need/want to write. That is what this is here for. Besides, if you don’t tell us the down parts, we might start thinking you were weird or from Prozac land or something. I hope things improve . . . from experience, I am sure they will, but the waiting is what always makes me crazy. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know? Love you, sister.

  4. I’m leaving a comment because we are not hanging out enough. You my BFF will make it, hang in there girlie. When you feel alone, you are not. When you don’t want to get out of bed, you are not the only one. When you are sick of laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking, etc. I feel your pain. When your husband comes home and you have been momified(Hee, Hee) I feel just as sexy as you. When you just can’t take it anymore, come over and hang out. If you don’t feel social, call I’ll come get the kids, and you can have some time all to yourself, after all what are BFF’s for. Life is hard, Work is hard, Being a mom is the hardest of all (I don’t care what the Dad’s say, unless they are single dads), But we pick our heads up, muster a smile, live for the moments that melt our hearts, and know that we are not tested above what we can handle. I’m right here if you need me, just holler! LOL your LUB!

  5. It is fine to whine all you want, and we can bring the cheese, ok?
    But the pics are super! How on earth do you have such a clean house with little ones? I have 5 that should be able to help keep the house clean and I can’t even dream of that clean if we were trying!

  6. I totally thought that was a real tree until you said that!

    And Beau’s line was hilarious! I love when they oh-so-“cleverly” try to weasel out of trouble like that.

    Hope things are evening out for you!

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