The Time Has Come

I have decided that my blog needs a new title. Yes, Sermon on the Mount of Laundry was very apt at the time it was chosen, but it has run it’s course, and I don’t really feel it’s very relevant anymore. I’ve kind of pigeonholed myself as far as blog content goes and well, it just sounds too…churchy…and that is not how I want to appear at this time. So I need a title that encompasses a lot, something that is relevant to me, and will stay relevant. I’m thinking a one or two word title that sums everything up and can kind of become my identity. You know, like Dorkwad, Purple Girl, Geekoid, Big Schnozz, Weasel, Sarski Bearsky or Moron…just kidding.
Why am I telling you this, you ask? Well, I need your help. List your suggestions in my comments, and if I choose your title, I will send you a little gift. Like say, a piece of pottery (I’ve been to the studio twice now!), or a nifty knitted something or another (whichever materializes first…probably more likely the pottery…) I’ll unveil the winning title when I unveil my updated blog…
So, chop chop! Think away! Get those brains whirring! (No more blogging for me while watching Harry Potter, I say!)
And of course…I reserve the right (it’s always reserved isn’t it?) to change my mind.


6 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. No! I do not adjust to change easily!
    I LOVE your title, and I don’t think it sounds religious! Perhaps the pious think you are making light of THE sermon on the mount???? Anyway. I have lived long enough to know that change is often good, so I will champion whatever you do next!

  2. hmmm . . .
    one or two words to sum up everything . .
    “42”?. . . “Vermicious Knid” (SO just kidding on that one! Googled it, and you are NOT a vernicious Knid!!!!)? Dorkwad!!! LOL! you made me snort with laughter at that . . .
    “Sarah of the Wash”
    “Sarah of Selah”
    “Pause with Me”
    “In the Rest of the Song” (if life is a song, then I’m in the off-beat!) LOL!~~
    OK . . thats it for my creative bent. Gotta get more coffee . . .

  3. Now you got me thinking about names . . once I am no longer between diapers and dishes . . . (some two years from now) then I’m changing my blog name to:
    “‘Cause I have a College Degree, dang-nab-it!”
    kinda has a nice ring to it don’t you think?!?!?

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