El Bunkbed

I’m in love with my boys’ new bunk-bed! I can’t believe how much cleaner their room looks all the time, and the boys really enjoy it. The extra bonus is that (most nights) they actually go to sleep when I put them to bed now. I was a little worried about Beau wanting to jump off the top, but so far it’s not been a problem. The little monkey has already figured the whole thing out.


7 thoughts on “Bunk-Bed

  1. Nice! I love the practical and attractive style too. I have vintage wagon wheel bunk beds from my childhood; but the safty features were not as functiional or unobtrusive…..The right furniture is a great pick me up for a mom!

  2. My brother and I had bunkbeds when we were very little. My parents finally moved to a bigger house when I discoverd that I could sit up on the bottom bunk and push up on the mattress above me and bounce my brother around all the time making monster growly sounds so he would think he was being attacked and would start screaming. Always done in the middle of the night, of course. Can’t tell you how much Mom loved this. Then came the night I pushed just at the moment he was trying to get out of the bed and sent him flying to the floor…Not a good moment in my Big Sister career.

  3. Our boys have bunk beds too! They love them, and they make for great “monkey bars” they like to swing on the bars that go across the underneath of the top bunk!

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