Selah, 3 Months

Dear Selah,
Wow, has it been 3 months already? It has gone so fast! The last few months I was pregnant with you, I felt like time was never going to speed up, and now that you’re here, it wont slow down.

You’re changing a little bit every day. Some days, after you’ve taken a long nap, you wake up, and you look different than when you dropped off to sleep a few hours before. It’s amazing to see change happen like that. You’ve gone from an ambiguous little baby with a decent amount of brown hair, to a full-blown girl with long luscious eyelashes, round blue eyes, and still a decent amount of brown hair.
Big Blue Eyes
You are pretty happy, most of the time. You smile a lot, especially at me, your daddy and your brothers.
She's Happy About her Food
Sometimes, I can get you talk to me a bit. It definitely sounds like you are trying your hardest to form some words, but what is coming out, sure sounds cute. When you’re not happy, you’re pretty clear about it. You like yell a bit. And boy, have you got some healthy lungs. There have been nights when you are “stating your piece” that your dad and I have had to shut the window, for fear you’ll wake up the neighbors. Seriously.
Not Happy!
Fortunately, Mommy and Daddy have figured out how to abate the outbursts for now. Like a true girl, it’s not the same thing every time. Sometimes your shirt is wet and cold from all your drooling (easy fix), sometimes your diaper is full (also easy to fix), sometimes you just want to see the world all around you, and sometimes you just want to be rocked to sleep (in the upright position, of course!) Mommy is hoping that all the late night rocking sessions are melting her love-handles away. Whether they are or not, there really is nothing comparable to the feeling of having a baby fall asleep in your arms.
You are a strong little thing. You’ve been supporting your weight with your legs (read: standing up while Mommy holds your wiggly self) since you were about three weeks old. You hold your head up just fine now, and have pretty good control over it.
Mommy and her Girl
You seem to adore your brothers. Each time one of them approaches you, your attention is solely focused on them. You smile and watch, wide-eyed, and with Drew, who is good at sitting down with you for several minutes, you will goo and gaa.

This morning, it almost sounded like you were trying to say “I love you,” to him. It’s so funny watching the concentration and effort on your face as you are trying to communicate.
Mommy Loves her Girl
I am still in awe that I have a little girl. I find myself catching my breath and fighting back emotional tears when I realize what a gift you are. I’m hoping this is something that never wears off.
Sarah and Selah
Love you, sweetheart, Momma


7 thoughts on “Selah, 3 Months

  1. Happy Three months, Selah; you’ve made it a great three months for many people.
    Hummm, bearing weight on legs at 3 weeks, starting to form words at 3 months – yep you got a few things from your dad. When you push with those legs do you do it in time to the down beat of whatever type of music is playing?

  2. Awwwww! That last one almost made me cry! It’s like you guys are buddies already. I never got to feel very close with the twins, because there were two of them, but when Naiah was born it was so much more of a connection. Now I have a hard time facing the fact that she’s getting to be a kid. It’s different with girls.

  3. Sarah!!! That was so sweet! I love the last picture of you guys together. She really is getting big fast! I cant believe it’s been three months already! Enjoy her! BTW, reading this makes me so anxious to meet my own bambino. I cant wait :o)

  4. Monday my boy had his 1 month birthday. I haven’t relised how close they are . . .
    so I’m looking at 3 months to come up fast. Right now we are just getting past that “ambigous baby” stage and he is starting to smile!!! LOVE IT!
    And would you look at your little girl’s EYES! WOW!

  5. She is so precious, and you are so beautiful. Blogging is so great…you know, I have never even met you, and yet one of my friends who reads my blog told me (she is 27 wks. pregnant with a girl), “Oh, I was reading on your friend’s blog…you know, the one who just had a little girl about three months ago!” No one else fit that description, so I knew and said, “Oh yeah! Sarah!” Anyway, you both are beautiful…and I just felt tickled that we could be blog buddies.

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