Inevitable Questions (at Least He’s Not Afraid to Ask)

So I’ve been debating with myself about whether or not to share this funny little story, but it’s just too hilarious not to share…so here goes (pardon the incorrect spelling…you understand the reasons)

Drew and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the size of he and his siblings when they were born. He knows that Beau was the biggest, then he, and then Selah. So the other day while chatting away with Kevin, he questioned, “Daddy, when Beau was born did he have a bigger pen!s too?” Kevin turns around and looks at me, amused and incredulous, and I giggling stand right up (I was stooping into the fridge) and say very quickly, “Nope! You were both the same size!” I can’t wait to hear what he asks us next!


12 thoughts on “Inevitable Questions (at Least He’s Not Afraid to Ask)

  1. OM GOSH!! That is so funny – our boys say tally-wackers!! LOL AND- they talk about them way to much – but that is boys/men, they are one in the same arnt they… Probably why Kev was smiling from ear to ear!!! Thanks for sharing that Sarah!!

  2. hummm – reminds me of when you asked me at the dinner table , Mom whats a dildo? well of course we all know its a part on a sewing machine.

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