We have an announcement!

Sarah’s friend Allie here:

I just got a text message that Selah Summer Ann was born at 8:01 am today, Saturday July 21. I’ll update with more info when I’ve got it!

Congratulations Kevin and Sarah!!!!

EDIT: Just a few pictures and some more info. (Still Allie here.)

new baby selah


I just got back from the hospital and Sarah looks fabulous! Everything went really great and Selah is so pretty! She looks a lot like a darker version of Drew.

She was 6 lbs 5oz and 21 1/2 inches long and she has lots of dark hair. Everyone is doing great and they should come home tomorrow. Great job Sarah!


28 thoughts on “We have an announcement!

  1. Yes! I glad to hear everything went OK! Congrats! and I love the name. Just a side note, today is my birthday and I’m hnored to share it with Selah.

  2. Oh Sarah I am so happy for you. You’ll have to tell us her birth story. She is so pretty just like her mama. Congrats to all of your family. I bet the boys just love her 🙂

  3. Congratulations Sarah! I was at the beach for a week and thinking of you! I just knew you would have her by the time I got back! Much love to you and your family!!! Selah is so gorgeous and you look beautiful too! XOXO

  4. Way to go Sarah!!! She is just gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear her birth story (which Im sure you will share when you’re back on your feet)

    Awww ALMOST makes me want another LOL.

    Take care girly!

  5. oh, sure, I check EVERY DAY for two weeks and the one time the BoyChild doesn’t let me on the computer you’re all gone and had a baby. 😉

    Congrats Sarah. She’s wonderful. 🙂

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