A Week of Self Portraits

I participated in another round of 7 Days, on Flickr, again, and thought I’d share my self portraits with you…
Day 1
Day 1 of 7 Days, July 7 2007: New Bike

Day 2: Theme: Outside
7 Days, Day 2: Outside Feet

Day 3
7 Days, Day 3: The Face Shot

Day 4
7 Days, Day 4: Fingernails

Day 5: Theme: Green
7 Days, Day 5: Green on My Eyes

Day 6
7 Days, Day 6: One Week to Go

Day 7
7 Days, Day 7:  Want Some Sherbet?

…And since I know you are all wondering (and in case it wasn’t obvious) I’m still pregnant.
…Don’t worry, I think I can bring my computer to the hospital, and if I can’t I’ll have my buddy Allison post a post for me.


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