Not to Be Read While You are Eating, Trust Me

Still pregnant.

Taking Evening Primrose oil, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, and taking walks in the evening after it cools down. Trying to get lots of rest, and not think about the impending labor too much. (Just about any distraction is welcome! Well…almost.)

Went to the pediatrician yesterday to get the corn out of Beau’s ear. He did great, the doctor did great. Best and quickest doctor appointment ever!

Last night, after I had just put Beau in dry, clean pajamas, Kevin and I noticed that he was all wet down one side from his shoulder to his butt. Kevin got down and sniffed him, and sure enough, it was pee. The only explanation is that someone had used him for target practice. So we asked our only suspect what happened.
“Someone peed on him.”
“In their house.”
“Where in their house?”
“In their playroom?”
“What did they look like?”
“Aliens, they looked like aliens.”
At this point, mom and dad have to leave the room because we are laughing too hard, and we don’t really want to encourage these kind of stories. So I say to Drew,
“Drew, you need to tell us the truth. You wont get in trouble if you tell us what really happened.”
“I peed on Beau. But I didn’t do it on purpose.”
So Kev asked Drew to show him where and what happened, and apparently Drew was, for some reason, peeing in the bathtub (at least there’s a drain!) and Beau got into the tub, right into the “stream.” And there you have it. Drew did pee on Beau, and it really wasn’t on purpose.

Later on, I was drinking my red raspberry leaf tea (loose leaf) and watching an episode of House. (You know, the medical dramedy.) I got to the bottom of my cup and looked really closely at the loose leaves that were floating in the last teaspoon of liquid and realized that one of them was indeed an earwig. I was so grossed out. And of course, watching an episode of House, where they are always trying to find out what kind of whatever caused this mysterious illness in some dying soul, did not help. But I’m okay this morning. And I have refused to look up earwigs and see what kind of disease carrying mongers they are or aren’t. I REALLY DON’T NEED TO THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Not to Be Read While You are Eating, Trust Me

  1. That’s funny. Hmm . . . my little sister is 7 years younger than me. She used to blame everything on me. But the corker was when mom noticed – very obviously – that she had wet her pants (she was about 3) and asked her about it. Her response? “Jeannette did it.”

  2. Whew, that would send me freaking out!
    Have you tried drinking castor oil? Can I just say, its not worth it!!!!!! Oh my gosh, its the nastiest stuff ever! And then IF you can get it down, you’ll be cramping and sitting on the toilette, but labor? It’ll come when it wants to.

  3. I wouldn’t worry…earwigs are protein, so you are benefiting baby girl’s brain although, you might switch to tuna or eggs, or something more palatable. hehe.

    I’ve heard of Raspberry tea but it never worked for me, but……(blushing) s p e r m has natural oxytocin in it. I’m just saying…..last labor was under 2.5 hours.

    and I’m with Qtpies7, castor oil is not recommended, because if it doesn’t work, you’ll be chained to the potty.

    Sending you belly rubs!!

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