Another Pregnancy Update (are you getting sick of hearing about it yet?) And Some Other, Hopefully More Entertaining Stuff

Ok, so… I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday and a lot of my fears were put to ease, specifically with the upcoming trip out to California for my family’s reunion. I explained to my midwife why it was an important thing for me to be there, and that I was worried about having a four day old…etc, etc.. and she said, if I’ve gotten to 40 1/2 weeks, that we’ll go ahead and induce. She wanted to make sure I had a good 7-10 days with the baby before we took a long trip like that. And to that, I breath a big sigh of relief, and say, “Oh, thank you, thank you! God bless your understanding heart and I love you!!” Hee hee. So, I’m feeling a little better about all of this and just trying to relax a little bit before we meet our new arrival. I will try my hardest to get another good belly shot before this happens (uh…unless it happens tonight, then well…you’ll get to see baby pictures, that’s a good trade off right?)
In other non-pregnancy related news, Beau stuck a small piece of baby corn in his ear last night. Yes, you read that right. Kev and I tried to get it out various different ways, but I think we only succeeded in getting it further in there and traumatizing poor Beau…who kept on saying, “Det it out pweese!” Kev seemed to think the thing would dry up and fall out, I’m not so sure, and the thought of it rotting in there…well, that’s just gross, so, off to the pediatricians we go (at some time or another. Have I ever mentioned that I just loathe taking my kids to Dr. appointments? Who doesn’t?)


6 thoughts on “Another Pregnancy Update (are you getting sick of hearing about it yet?) And Some Other, Hopefully More Entertaining Stuff

  1. Well, I for one cant WAIT to see your little girl . . . how exciting . . .and so you’ve got baby corn in an ear, I’ve got a three year old that is taking off her brothers poopy diapers and leaving me to clean up the rest . . UGH!

  2. I don’t understand why kids stick things in different holes on there body! Breckin has stuck rice and noodles up his nose, so gross. It must be a boy thing?!

  3. Thats a kid for you, everyone needs at least one that does that stuff. And remember, it could have been worse! Believe me, I have 7 kids! We’ve had worse and it still could have been worse for us, lol.
    1.) googly eyes up the nose. Seriously, BAD news, the doctor had to remove them, but he says the worst thing to remove is M&M’s from the nose because they melt. (googly eyes slip out of the tweezers!)
    2.) Drink windex. Gives flu-like symptoms, doesn’t even need a trip to the ER.
    3.) Drink liquid Tylenol. Worse than Windex! Can’t have any more pain killers for 5 days, while having an ear infection…
    4.) Drink sister’s albuterol, can’t sit still for hours and hours.
    5.) Super glue your eye OPEN. Yep, that one was fun!
    I’ve got more, believe me! (broken noses, collar bone, ankles, sprains, concussion, cracked tailbone)

  4. Thankfully we haven’t had anyone put anything anywhere yet. Knock on wood! hee hee Anyway, it did eventually come out, didn’t it? While you were there, did you have that baby YET?? Hope you have a great, uneventful, non- sticking food in places week!

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