Letting Out the Jumbled Up Thoughts

I’m about three weeks away from having my third child, a desperately hoped and prayed for little girl. I’m terrified and I’m excited. I’m tired. My little Beau has started hugging me and telling me he loves me, just today. I’m worried about his transition from being the youngest child to the middle child. I have a hard time imagining him as a middle child. I’m worried about how bringing another child into my family will change everything forever. Not only that, I’m worried about how it will change my relationships with many other people as well. I’m scared of the labor hurting or going badly. I’m trying to hold onto these last few days with my boys, just being the boys, and at the same time wishing they would pass quickly (the days…not my boys!) I’m worried about not being able to make it out to my family reunion…it’s not a regret I want to have. At the same time, I’m worried about going all the way to California with a brand new baby.

I decided to let all these thoughts out of my head, because I know I’m not alone in thinking them, and I wanted it to be okay to talk about things like that here. I also know that despite how everything changes, it will all be okay (or I blindly choose to believe that, I’m not sure which one yet… *wink*) If there’s anything I’ve forgotten, let me know… just kidding!


12 thoughts on “Letting Out the Jumbled Up Thoughts

  1. It’s always like that. When you have one, you can’t imagine two, when you have two, you can’t imagine more, etc. But you know what? After they come, you can’t imagine life without them!
    Everything will be fantastic.
    : )

  2. I agree with Sandy once the baby comes you will not be able to remember what life was without her! At least that is what happened with me after each of my kids were born. Just thought I’d let you know I would love to trade places with you and have my baby in 3 weeks 😉

  3. I was getting excited there for a minute. I thought maybe since you hadn’t posted for awhile you were busy with a new family member!

    You’ll do great!…..You’ve done it before, you can do it again. 🙂

  4. Those last few weeks are the hardest…but, if you need something else to worry about, maybe you should worry about your toenails being pretty. In fact, you should worry about it so much that your husband can send you and a friend to go get a pedicure. Someone told me that they can put you into labor. =) Happy, pretty feet…And I agree…you’ll do great.

  5. Here’s my me too: ME TOO!! I always think that way in the last month. That my family will never be the same, and oh the poor older siblings who will be treacherously pushed aside in favor of the new kid, etc. But it always ends up being sweet and fun, and we have yet to see any jealous reactions from our older ones (except for when the twins were jealous of each other as babies, but I think that’s different.) And there’s always the epidural man if you need him. I love that guy. Except the one who misplaced it during Jonah’s labor. But don’t think about that. You have a wonderful epidural guy, I’m certain. 😉

  6. You are not alone in your feelings. I remember having the very same feelings! Just know they are perfectly normal. You will do great and your kids will do great! Your little girl will just fit right in with the rest of your family. Good luck!

  7. I know the feeling! I worry about my little guy too, although we don’t know what our 3rd one is right now, I think if its a girl, my little guy will STILL be a little brother, the baby brother, and if it a boy, then he will be a good big brother! Good luck, think positive, and PRAY! We have begun praying for a safe, quick easy delivery, I am going to add you to that prayer too 🙂

  8. When I found out I was pregnant with my third, I cried for my second (then the baby). I wasn’t ready for her to be anything else but my baby. As the day got closer, I continued to feel that way.

    As is always the case however, the moment number three joined our family, it was as if it had always been that way. She completed our family, and so will your little girl.

    Let all the feelings out, and later you can read this again, and be reminded of how God blessed you guys!

  9. this is something that I did – and probably need to do again , but all those things that are worrisome to you . spell them out write them all down on a piece of paper – go somewhere where you can light the paper on fire – watch the smoke rise up to heaven , and leave them there – it helps me anyway to have a visual reminder of where my cares are. ( you might want to do this at nap time ) he he dont want to give the boys any ideas . oh yeah I put the ashes in a baggie and hung them on my refridgerator – but somewhere I could look at them when my thoughts would get the best of me – be careful – fire season 🙂

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