Guess What I’m Doing Tonight?

Folding and hanging up bunches and bunches of PINK baby clothes (many thanks to my sister, Ariel who is handing me down much of her daughter, Zoe’s, adorable outfits.) I realized now as I near my 37th week here, that I could go into labor at any time and I am absolutely not ready. My hospital bag, is as of yet, not packed. The nursery is not quite put together or sparkling clean. There are no pre-frozen casseroles in my freezer (probably not going to do that one, anyway.) So today, I set about taking care of all these last minute things, washing all the clothes, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. I finally registered at (How come all the cute stuff is only online?) So the reality is starting to set in a bit…yes, in (hopefully) less than a month, I will be the proud mommy of a little girl. I’m letting the excitement take over, and the anxiety can kiss my (apparently at the moment, large) butt! πŸ˜‰


12 thoughts on “Guess What I’m Doing Tonight?

  1. I was the same way w/ my third, I felt like I had nothing ready! You’re almost there though! 37 weeks, wow, the last three weeks will go by so fast!

  2. awww! I am so excited for you! I am not at ALL prepared either… But then I have a few more weeks left than you do. Ok, two more weeks, but still. lol

  3. This is such an exciting time for you! I loved looking at all the newborn clothes dreaming of what my babies would look like when they arrived. I wasn’t going to find out this time because my husband wants it to be a surprise. But as I was strolling through Target today I realized we need a new car seat(ours is 6 years old) , swing, bouncy chair… And all we have is girl clothes. What if it’s a boy? Buying clothes for your new baby is part of the fun of being pregnant. I need to somehow convince Aaron that we should find out and make him think it’s his idea! Sorry for posting.

    Anyway, have a good time tonight preparing for your little girls arrival! XOXO

  4. yay- a baby girl!!

    speaking of big butts. i taught one of my little kid classes to use the word “bottom” for “butt”. well, today we started a new card that has a bunny on a ladder… one time he’s at the “top”, once in the “middle” and then at the “bottom”. so we repeat it several times and then my little five year old girl shouts out “me little bottom!!!” she was so proud of herself for making the correlation. two seconds later this little boy (8 maybe?) yells out, “teacher bbbbiiiiiiigggggg bottom!” haha. and i thought they were looking at the whiteboard while i was writing! (i’m going to have to copy and paste this comment into my blog… haha!)

  5. PINK!!! I’m so excited that you’re getting a girl this time!!! She’s going to be gorgeous, and so well protected (or tormented, depending on the day) by her big brothers. πŸ™‚

  6. The finish line is in sight!! It sounds as if you are getting a lot done and your ‘nesting’ is setting in….hehe. I loved the last three to four weeks, getting more done than the prior three months.

    Oh, I can’t wait to see her!!!

  7. Oh, my goodness. Last night at 4:00 AM I thought I heard my cell phone going off and I got up and plugged it in to recharge – I thought it was Kev calling to say she was here! But there were no voice mails or missed calls. I hadn’t even read your post yet or I would have been half way there! You are really acting close.

  8. Well, you know that I gave birth to my son when I was EXACTLY 37 weeks . . . no bag packed for me either, no cassaroles, nothing . . . LOL! But we did OK!
    It will be so fun to see what she looks like.
    Oh and by the way, I gave you an award! Come check it out!

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