Only a Month Left!

Woohoo! I’m alternating between being really excited and nervous all at the same time. For some reason, this time around, I’m more nervous about the delivery than I was the other two times. Actually, I could probably name all the reasons: 1. Beau’s delivery was very fast, very intense, and much more painful than Drew’s. 2. You just never really know what to expect (except, of course, a baby…maybe I should just focus on that?) 3. I was 2 weeks overdue with Beau and had to be induced. 4. We have a family reunion/vacation scheduled for August 4th-my due date is the 20th of July. Yes, I’m crazy, and fully planning on going, but for perfectly legitimate reasons. 5. I just cannot fathom what it is going to be like having a girl, let alone a third child, let alone and infant again. I kind of feel like I’m doing this for the first time again. So there you have it…all my neurosis spelled out for you. ;)(Give me some time, I can probably think of some more, ha ha ha)
On the funnier side of things, the other day Drew took it upon himself to point out that, “Mom, your butt really is big!” Not for long, kiddo, not for long!


14 thoughts on “Only a Month Left!

  1. I was pretty freak’d out about my 3rd too. I was more nervous that something weird would happen and I’d end up needing a c-section. But it was the smoothest easiest yet!!! I did have to be induced but he kind of just “fell” out ha ha. So be excited and shove those nerves aside.

  2. Woo HOO!!! Home stretch! I know the nervousness part, I am excited but feeling a little crazed about adding a 3rd little one! My larger rear has not been pointed out by my boys yet, but a perfect stranger asked if I was having twins the other day because I was bigger than his girlfriend is….

  3. Yes, I understand the butterflies. Say, if you weren’t pregnant and you walked outside on a hot summer day and it smelled like California or a beach in California – wouldn’t you kind of get that anxious, exhilerated feeling? Now multiply by the emotion of pregnancy and carrying a girl – presto!

  4. Ok now I am really jealous that you only have a month left. I totally understand you on the whole nervous thing and my nervousness has seemed to have gotten worse this time around!

  5. Same here with being nervous. Whats up with that? I’m nervous and I’m only 5 1/2 weeks! I think it’s the whole third child thing , being able to handle everything… You’ll be fine though. I think once your in labor that will all go out the window :o) You’ll just want your little girl out. I’m hoping thats the case for me too. It’ll be nice to hear from you how it went.

  6. No matter how many deliveries I see, they are all different. You never know what to expect, except pain and then joy – the outcome is sooo worth it!!! I am excited for you guys to add this beautiful little girl to your family and only a year younger that Zoe…. how fun.

  7. got your card, thank you
    goodness ,my twins always tell me I have a big butt, and I am not pregnant!
    Don’t worry about your deilvery, it’s supposed to get easier with each one, right? PLUS you’re having a GIRL, doggone it you!

  8. My mom was pretty nervous with her third, too. By the fourth she just wanted it over with.
    I grew up with three brothers and I have one hope and wish for your little girl. That she has her own bathroom time!
    Honestly, boys do not understand the sanctity of bathroom time for a girl.

  9. I’m new commenting to your blog, but have kind of been a lurker for a whlle. I just felt the need to comment cause I can totally relate to this post. I just had my third 2 months ago and had the same feelings you’re experiencing. I was a lot more afraid for the third delivery, maybe b/c I did know what to expect. I was also just nervous about the whole having 3 kids thing. I’m still feeling kinda crazy most days but it gets easier every day.
    Just enjoy your little princess and good luck and best wishes for a safe, and quick delivery!

  10. LOL, yep, its like that each time, we just forget, I think. You should have heard me with our 7th! I was freaking out about the crib being set up, the house cleaned, everythign ready, MONTHS before my due date. I cried over some custom made paint for the crib, it was just so perfect and beautiful and the store made it just for my baby’s crib! My kids were SO embarassed as I cried in the hardware store, lol.

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