Twins, Anyone?

So the other day I went to go meet up with my mom and grandma at the fabric store. I was hoping that maybe I could find some fabric with some skull and crossbones and little hearts on it to make a cute little purse out of, but that’s another story. While I was there, my grandma asked me how my ultrasound went…
“So did your ultrasound reveal anything?”
Thinking this was a funny way to word a question, I just brushed it off as an age difference thing, and replied, “Oh, everything is good. She’s healthy, and still very much a girl.”
“So there’s only one right?”
Chuckling a little bit at the very thought, but not at all surprised that my grandma would say such a thing (Oh, the stories I could tell) I said, “No, there’s just one!”
“Well, you look like you could be carrying two!”
“Grandma, you haven’t seen a big pregnant woman! I’m considered pretty small by most standards.”
“Oh…well…you never know…”
I guess I’ll chalk it up to wearing clothes that actually show my shape instead of hiding it…


11 thoughts on “Twins, Anyone?

  1. Grandma’s, like kids, can say the darnedest things. 🙂
    When my mom was pregnant with my little sister, she was pretty big – my sis was 9 lbs. 3 oz – but her doctor was juat aure it woulde be twins and was majorly disappointed when it wasn’t. My mom, on the other hand, was greatly relieved.

  2. I’ve seen picture of you and you DO NOT look like you are carrying twins. I think it is a age thing because an 80-something year old man told me I was looking pretty big. He knew I was pregnant but then told me how small his wife was when pregnant. I chalked it up to him being a man but I’m wondering if the age doesn’t play a factor. Also food back then we more pure and less hormones it them…just a thought!

  3. That happened to me in my last month of pregnancy when I was wearing shape fitting clothes too. A woman was just sure I had twins or a GIANT baby. HA HA.

  4. I can’t believe this is your last month! I’m sure you can though! I remember that last month fondly. I hope I look half as good as you in my last month. FAT chance though. My husband and I made a bet about me gaining 60lbs again. Of course it was him saying yes as I was biting into my second bratwurst. I hope to prove him wrong :o) XOXO

  5. When I was pregnant I never knew what to make of comments like this. Especially when people would come up to me and say things like, “My God! You’ve gotten huge!” What do you say to that? Thank you?

  6. Trust me. You do NOT look like you’ve got twins. Seriously, when I was six and seven months along with them, the Costco lady would yell at me in the store: “Shouldn’t you be at the hospital?? How overdue are you?? You’re seven months along??? They let you get like that???” EVERY TIME. I think I was about eight and a half months through before she finally recognized me as the twin lady.

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