On Bands, Blood, and Boys

Last night, my hubby had a gig, (as a drummer in a back up band for a talented vocalist in our town, also competing for a spot in Rock Jam– and they won their tier last night…on to the next stage) that for all intents and purposes, I really couldn’t go to. (Too tired, taking place in a rowdy bar, babysitter issues…you know the drill) So I went to hang out with my sister instead (which was really a breath of fresh air, actually!) So my sister and her hubby and I are sitting there watching our movie (Music and Lyrics, very cute) and we all hear this “POP!” sound come from the room where the boys are watching their movie. Then Drew starts to wail. Now, the boys had been goofing around and wrestling and making each other scream the whole night, but this sounded different. I entered to room to see Drew sitting there, crying and blood starting to pour out of his left eyebrow. For a minute, all I could do is say “What the HELL!!!??” (I know, I’m teaching my kids wonderful words here…at least it wasn’t my choice expletive, which also refers to hell…) Then I realized I needed to get him off of my sister’s white blankets and out of the room onto a floor that could be easily mopped up. I still had no idea how this happened. My sister ran to get some first aid, and I got Drew out to the kitchen, started applying pressure to the wound and got him to calm down enough to tell me what happened.
“Beau threw his cup at meeeeee!!” Those sippy cups are dangerous, people!
This brought back to my memory the time I was playing frisbee with my sister, Hannah. We were using one of those hard rubber hoop discs, which I’m sure had metal inside to hold the shape. I wasn’t looking and she threw it towards me, and I turned around just in time to get hit in the eye. Two days before picture day, no doubt.
Fortunately, Drew’s cut wasn’t very deep, no stitches needed, but boy, was that traumatic. My mother has always said that your face bleeds the most, but you don’t really know that until you’ve seen it. Amazingly enough, with two boys, this is only about the second time we’ve had something like this happen. (Last year, we had a metal chair fall on Beau, creating a huge nasty bruise right around his ear.) The thing that I realized I’m going to have to resign myself to, is that this is probably just the beginning of many cuts and bruises and, you know…things that happen mostly to boys. (Unless you’re my sister, Hannah…but that is another story.) Seriously, any more events like that one, and I will be going into labor early.


9 thoughts on “On Bands, Blood, and Boys

  1. Man that stinks…I don’t do blood very well. I freaked out today when I saw the cut on Tanner’s ear from getting hit by the swing. I’m glad you weren’t alone to handle that accident!

  2. oh bummer! I can’t believe that sippy cup did that! Next thing you know they’ll come with a warming label….”Caution: may cause injury when thrown at someone” LOL

  3. So sad…yes, my (almost) 3 year old has had stitches to the head twice…we decided to invest in liquid bandaid. Since stitches can be taken out by an (almost) three year old. =) Glad everyone is okay!

  4. Whoa…that’s hot. Hubby plays drums? whoo hoo!

    Glad that cut didn’t need stitches.
    Maybe a future baseball pitcher on your hands there?

  5. Yep, you have much to look forward to my dear. As mom to 4 sons, I’ve seen, and continue to see, more than my share of blood and gore. Somehow they live through it all.

  6. Thats not fun, but definately par for the course in parenting. I can’t imagine going through it without injury. I can only think of one of my 7 kids who has not had to be taken in for an injury after 2yo. She’s 10 and hasn’t had anything major happen. Man, I think she just may get kid of the house award since she’s never even had me call poison conrol or anything! LOL No stitches, no breaks, no sprains, no ingesting of things, no concussions, no super-gluing her eye open.
    If she was an only child, I guess we may be a calm, happy household! But a bored one, and one with WAY less laundry.

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