Ultrasound #2

As promised, and update on the ultrasound, which DID happen today. This is the farthest along I’ve ever been and had an ultrasound before, so there was quite a lot we could see and very clearly too. As usual, my placenta is right where it should be, no where near my cervix. (Sorry if that is too graphic for any of my male readers out there…) She is still measuring 6 days larger than her due date. (However, this isn’t a big enough margin for them to actually change my July 20th due date.) The doc doing the ultrasound said that it was her head that was measuring large, which is kind of scary…but hey, Beau had a big head, it’s not anything I haven’t done already. He also showed us what looked like fuzz around her skull, and told us it was hair, which I thought was pretty cool. Yay, for hair! We could see all four chambers of her heart, her stomach, kidneys, vena cava, spine, and all of her toes. We had a hard time seeing her face because, once again, her hands were up in front of it. Maybe she will be my only thumb sucking child, who knows? She IS head down and probably staying there as she is very low. And in case it wasn’t obvious, she is still a SHE! We got such a good view this time there was absolutely no room for doubt. We had a different doc for the ultrasound this time than we’ve had for ALL the others, and it was kind of nice. He explained and showed us a lot of things the other doc never had, and I (for one) found that really interesting. But that’s me, my hubby wasn’t quite as impressed, he just wanted to know everything was okay and then get out of there, but that’s probably just her being the third baby for ya… I still haven’t decided yet if I want to post my ultrasound pictures, we didn’t get a face one, just a skull, femur, heart and “bottom” shot (which is so obvious, it’s kind of embarrassing…so anyways.) If you really want to see, I suppose you can let me know and I’ll email them to ya. (Just give me some time to scan them in.)

Today I’m feeling much more upbeat, and almost kind of excited. I am beginning to realize that 6 weeks really ISN’T that far away at all, especially with the way time has been flying anyways. I’m really looking forward to having her in my arms, and no more belly to contend with.

My thought for the day: Ultrasounds are so super neat, I could sit and look at them for hours. Is there such thing as an ultrasound tech? And if so, how can I become one?

Oh yes…and here’s the most recent belly shot which was taken two weeks ago (I think, anyways) when I was about 32 weeks. To be honest, I don’t remember if I’m 34 or 35 weeks along now…ha ha…oh well.
32 Weeks (and not impressed)


9 thoughts on “Ultrasound #2

  1. We had a lot of ultrasound techs for the twins. They did the BEST ultrasounds. (Our doctor at the time was great with everything but the ultrasounds, unfortunately.)

    YAY for girly bits! It’s a girl!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Yay!! all is well! I am glad you are feeling perkier πŸ™‚ I don’t know if I get another ultrasound or not, I know I have some more bloodwork coming up. Yuck. Heres to hoping you go early rather than late!!

  3. Yep you can do that but you have to take ultrasounds of EVERYTHING else too. Tumors, lumps organs etc. It’s not just for pregnant women.

    You look darling btw.

  4. I love hearing all the good news, and hope you feel well up to delivery. BTW, you look beautiful.

    How exciting, 6 weeks and a new baby girl will be in yours arms. πŸ™‚

  5. Ultrasounds are awesome! One tech even told me which side I had ovulated on for that pregnancy!
    I’ve thought about being an ultrasound tech, too, but I don’t want to do all the tests they have to do. and the sad stuff…….. that would be hard.

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